10 December 2011


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Glimpse of the title of this post implies an impression of prostitution, wrong guys. Here's the story, in the marketing world we need to transform our talents and resources into core competence which eventually became our competitive advantage.  

Core competence or core competency is a skill that all good skills, knowledge which is owned one. Here are 9 tips to market themselves by taking reference from the book Hermawan Kartajaya "Marketing Yourself" .
  1. Making Segmentation. Segmentation is Hermawan is seeing the market as a creative alias is not just tagging along to others. The market for self-marketing context can be a work environment, school environment, organizations, neighborhood friends, and so on. Creativity gets the emphasis here. In this segmentation process, we seek to discover and highlight what's become of our differences with others.
  2. Determine the Target. The target here is nothing but an attempt to allocate our resources as effectively as possible. The target was made because our resources are limited. Resources can include energy, time, thought, and so on. We do not need to waste time for everyone and it is not clear. Hermawan said not to be Rambo, but be a sniper!
  3. Creating Positioning In this realm, we must make customers believe in us in our positioning. Discover something different from ourselves with the audience. Simple example, do not make a general cover letter. Highlight a unique side of ourselves. Positioning is also a promise that we will give to customers.
  4. Differentiation. Differentiation here is the integration between content and context. Content refers to the contents of ourselves, such as education, talents, skills, and so on.  Content more on what we offer. Content is the way we offer it. Many people are smart and capable, but do not have the ability to communicate it properly. In fact, people look at ourselves first from the outside (wrapper / context). Positioning and differentiation are interrelated. We can work positioning ourselves so that others can be perceived differently. After perceived this kind, we must be filled with content and context.
  5. Marketing Mix. Marketing mix plural formula known as 4Ps-product, price, place, and promotion. Products in this context is the service-what can we give to our customers. Whether it's the talent, skills, and so on. Price is an award on the products that we give them. The combination of products and prices are bid.   In addition, we are also as much as possible can be accessed through the place and promotion. In the New Wave era, many channels and media that we can use to promote our self-rather-unique selling points to customers. We can use a blog that contains the works of our own and our resume, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and so on. Remember, now, people easily read our track record over the internet, more precisely Google. Therefore, work for Google to continue to record positive side of ourselves. Essentially, in this era conect, we should also be an easy person conected. Notes, show  in social media with great character.
  6. Selling. Selling here is none other is how we integrate between ourselves, customers, and relationships with these customers. Never perform a hard selling because we do not sell goods but persons. One way to continue the interaction and conversations with our customers. This will create a continuous relation customer bonding. It will not only bear fruit in the financial bonding but also emotional bonding. In fact, much deeper than that, it could be a spiritual bonding-relation from heart to heart. If you have this, we become a strong brand.
  7. There are three categories of selling, the benefits, features (selling services), and the solution. The highest is the solution selling where we not only sell yourself by highlighting a diploma, but offers solutions.
  8. Brand Us is a particular brand. Hermawan stressed that branding is an attempt to avoid the tendency to become equal with the majority.
  9. Service. Serve as a medium to market themselves. Services not just ordinary and common services, but service intellectual, emotional, and spiritual. As much as possible put this service as a way of life-a way of life.
  10. Process. This process is nothing but an attempt to develop ourselves continuously. It was never satisfied with the current situation and kenyamaan. We constantly update the quality, cost, and delivery. For example, our work must be qualified. Resolved in a timely and efficient manner. This is what must be updated continuously.
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