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30 October 2016


Try guys to think about how to use the Internet channel. What Did it still like most people, use the Internet channel in order to conduct a research, create an online store, watching videos on youtube, or just play around for entertainment.

According to online marketing experts and more people spend time every day in approximately 5 hours online. It is therefore no exaggeration if I say, this is actually the best opportunity for my friend to make an article fit what they are looking for.

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By writing article marketing it, then indirectly will steal them, especially if the content of the article as a whole is able to peel thoroughly about the products or services offered pal.

Unfortunately, not all business man was able to write articles that smells good marketing. Although my friend had a fairly good product and high quality but if it is not supported by the language of marketing is good, then it will not be a product buddy glance buyer.
Indeed, article marketing is my friend for not working directly sell the product, but the way they work to make the consumer is ready to buy.

Actually there is another way, if my friend does not have the ability to write an article marketing.

What is that ?

Namely by hiring the services of a marketing writer. But clearly this way will require additional capital.

Take Customers Through Articles

If my friend are a good writer then certainly their online sites will be flooded with a lot of the flow of the reader.

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There are several ways to get customers loyal readers of the article my friend, ie, via email. This will greatly help my friend, without bothering to be spread away the link articles to social media sites.

The question is, does anyone want to subscribe you by  email them?

This he root of the problem, and therefore the high quality article will definitely be a demand. Do not let my friend made article marketing just makes the reader feel sleepy buddy, saliva spurted everywhere because fast asleep, without inspired at all.

Make sure the content of the article was made they were greatly astonished  to make lips smile spread like after in tickling.

Be honest through article marketing that is able to tell it what their friend about the product offering.

Comments entered any of the articles that should not be ignored, and where possible comrade must be answered immediately without delay one second.

With answers pal sensible, will eventually lead them, which was originally only the reader then turns into one consumer products pal.

Characteristics Quality Articles

Doing business online will never escape by writing an article marketing. Like an angel who was never separated from its wings.

Just how that article could take  a consumer?

There are several main characteristics that we can know whether it is a marketing article is qualified or not. as :

# 1. Title Unique and Interesting
Placement title is attractive and invites curiosity. People will click on the article my friend if the congregation is unique memorable and unusual.

For example, when you write an article of fabric products of banana stem fiber, whether friend chose the title "Woven From Rod Banana" or prefer the title "Revealing the Secrets of Making Fabric of Batang Bananas".

Which of the two titles that invite curiosity, certainly not the second heading.

# 2. benefit

Another hallmark of quality marketing articles can be seen from the contents of the article. Is there a section that describes the advantages of the product, its benefits for the users of products to how to treat them.

Likewise part of the product warranty, should be administered as an online business professional. This guarantee as the most awaited and sought after consumers, like finding a bag of diamonds alongside a ditch.

Explain in article marketing pal, warranty forms given product. Some kind of warranty that can mate use are:
  • Product is damaged upon delivery, be replaced with new ones.
  • Service free for 1 year or more
# 3. Language style

Many authors often overlook the issue of language in the style of writing an article. So what happens, the style of language used is too rigid tubs write scientific papers.

Ends, they hastily withdraw from the site mate before thoroughly reading the finished article my friend.
Guys did not want certainly in call lizard  stream writer (deaf animals naturally) who do not want to bother with the tastes of readers (potential customers).

To that end, a synonym that is able to compete with the contents sweet and supported diction right words, most recommended.

Style language, the boiling point of the contents of the article which is able to provide a sense of comfort and entertainment to the reader.

The focal point, is how to make readers like to linger to read the article that my friend wrote.

# 4. bonus reward
Who is the man under the sun that does not want gifts, moreover it is free. 99 percent of men have always liked the name of free stuff.

Well, this gap very nice offer in the description of product marketing article mate. Guaranteed consumers will flounder unconscious of the deadly seduction scatter pal.

But remember not too over confidence, because it can syndicate suspected fraudsters.

# 5. Proof of delivery
Another part of a quality article does not escape too when co-listed evidence of receipt and delivery of products.

This will give confidence to consumers that they are not being cheated. Especially when it is so rife online scams in the internet world.

This step is an anticipation, so that my friend does not stamped with gang and class asshole nice snapper only slapped and dragged to jail.

# 6. Readers Navigate to Fill Form Data
Often I come across an article marketing is so short and not so dense unbiased. Made arbitrarily and forget directs the reader is interested in buying the product into the product order form.

Calculated, with only a phone number and e-mail is enough to make people immediately called my friend to order.

It may be like that, but what if my friend intends to offer a new product. Should my friend always looking for new customers?

This is the goal, why form filling so urgent product order is made. Point for my friend already has a customer database which can mate at any time call for new product offerings.

Let me be more easy to make a reservation form of the product, just use jotform applications with different layout options there.
  <Alt img src = 'picture.jpg' width = '100' height = '100' alt = 'jotform' />


Online business is not a matter just selling products and services, but how to convince the reader to become one of the consumer products pal.

For it to be a must for my friend to write a high quality article marketing related products are sold.

There are at least six things that must be included in the article, and all of which are part of the mutually reinforcing one another so that a reader can transform into a consumer.
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