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29 October 2016


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When my friend made a product,  a prototype fabric of waste out later one of the companions should encourage marketed through online business, about business models as to what would my friend use?

Try to take a little time to consider options for the best online business models below.

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Online Business Model

Doing business online is not a denied anymore consistent development of information technology has been considered the daily food menu.

As far as is known there are three choices of online business models are often used, such as:

  1.         Selling products
  2.         Sell ​​Service Service
  3.         Selling information products
Of the three models of this online business, my friend could reap a profit from the third through the affiliate program or coorporation.

Sell Products

Usually when talking  about business, any person who first hint of his mind is to sell products.

There is truth, and this is the first online business model that could be an option.

One way to create their own e-commerce stores, can also through auction sites, or even cooperate with third parties in the online mall (like Tokopedia, oxl, amazon).

Some advantages to sell products online than through traditional means is:

Customers or buyers can examine all bids directly related to product buddy without bothering to stay pal.

To make sure that the navigation support such as video and photo pal product must be provided.

But the weakness of selling a product like this, the product must be properly made (do not cheat), it also places such as warehouse storage.

Not to mention the matter of labor issues that will help at the time of packing products.

Sell ​​Services

There are two basic ways to sell services in the online business.

The process of selling this business model is to treat the site as a place to hold any information about customer's needs.

This means that the site serves as a display and brochures for a particular company.

You can simply inform customers where they will find the items they are looking for, complete with reviews the advantages, benefits such goods as well as a contact number or email.

A simple example, sells services such as marketing sites on air tickets, travel destinations, entertainment, rental domain / hosting.

The advantage of selling services online service is in terms of cost is much cheaper than the first way to sell physical products.

Apart from their low cost, the business model is faster and easier to apply than to sell goods.

About the loss of online services, is only about the high level of competition, especially from the use of keywords.

So that was the first step for the business model of online services is to do keyword research first to be installed as the title product and services offered.

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 Sell ​​Information Products

Selling information product business model is mostly used by designers or internet marketer.

When my friend uses the online business model by selling products or services then it will usually always encountered various problems.

Unlike the online business model that a third of this, a business owner is only limited by the capacity of his web host server.

Products supplied sufficient information sent electronically and automatically. Any payments and invoices are automatically handled only spending through a shopping cart and payment gateway.

There are two models of the sale of information used:

# 1 Download Materials:

The form of sales information first type of e-book form. There are also other forms such as the sale of the audio track (MP3), video (MP4), worksheets PDF form and the results of research.

# 2 Site Membership:

Category sales of this kind of information can mate a look at some of the sites of national newspapers, such as kompas.com that offer e-paper to subscribe to the newspaper online.

There are also some matchmaking sites that offer paid membership from the free version to the premium level.

The advantage of using this third type of business model, is in addition to its low cost, it is also my friend is able to handle large number of customers at once.

The weakness, selling information products requires great effort to convince the customer that the product information provided is helpful.

Another disadvantage, due to product content in digital form then it will be very easy to be copied or stolen by others.

For that buddy need to think about how to protect content from theft products vile.

Guys who need to understand the customer is not willing to pay for a mock information that is not able to solve their problems.

Until it becomes so important friend to provide quality information, thorough intact up to the level of problem solving.

So back to the question of the fabric of the waste out earlier. What business models will be my friend use?

Whether selling products are packaged in the form of cloth, to save  warehouse and finally sent to subscribers worldwide.

Consequently guys need fresh funds sufficient to establish the factory even though it's just a mini-scale.

The second option is to sell services only friend just like a recipe or how to make fabric from the waste out. With the addition of free training to their course on how to make it.

A third option is pal intends to sell information products only. Maybe this is a bit complicated because my friend had to write a simple ebook that will teach the contents and materials on how to make the fabric of the waste out of it.


Online business could never be ignored has become a trend that is more involved in today's business era.

There are 3 options online business model that often they use, all of which have advantages and disadvantages of each.

For someone who has abundant capital, the first choice business model worth considering.

But for those who have no capital at all then just use an online business model only the second or third type.

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