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27 January 2013


"Business" is a word that is spelled out very familiar to our ears, catchy, easy to say and our minds immediately be brought to the abundance of natural wealth, money. But you know all it takes to reach smart work rather than hard work. It was not his time anymore colleagues for their hard work in business whether it starts with a motif just try it, just to prove greeting people or professionally done. 

You see business activity in your neighborhood live that relies hard work, buy their own, though their own and market their own (meatball vendor said business people) usually self-destruct over time (due to tired so you know).

Do not be surprised based on this phenomenon, forbes magazine claims that of the 100 people who conduct business activities each year, only 80% were successful run continued in two year  and the remaining 40% when entered in the third year and beyond continues to shrink each year until the remaining 5% .

If in question, why your business is less developed, the answer is simply "do not have capital guys" yeah what a great capital determines business success ?

How can  Robert T. Kiyosaki a successful Japanese businessman in the business of property and when asked the secret of his success is due to him on one occasion he answered this interview "does not take money to make money". If so what, then is needed?? vividly described by him that you need is a  "system that works for you" (smart work).

In the business activities of the system would include the people who will work, work procedures, products which will be marketed and locations / places.  

Wow that's huge capital needs as well bro, how people want to pay, not to mention the product, leased space. Just calm fella the best solution for those of you who do not have big capital is to change the way you do business to online business models online business once again.  

Like shop online so you know. So my friend do not need to have wage labor, renting space all, pay business licenses, taxes, pay electricity / water etc. all of which require a huge capital.

Why should your business online? for those of you savvy will consider the facts that in the below
1. The survey of Indonesian Internet Service (APJII) during April-July 2012 that was released by the daily compass (http://tekno.kompas.com/read/2012/12/13/15563946/jaringan.padat.internet.indonesia.lambat ) that the number of Internet users in Indonesia is experiencing rising trend in 2009 was 30 million, up 8 million users in 2010, up another 55 million in 2011, for the total of 63 million users or about 25% of Indonesia's population of 250 million. 
2.Data from the research institute International Data Corporation (IDC), which was released by the daily compass (http://tekno.kompas.com/read/2012/10/05/02371027/prospek.belanja.quotonlinequot) that the value of trade via the Internet at Indonesia in 2011 reached 3.4 billion U.S. dollars, or around Rp 30 trillion. Master Card Worldwide survey results in February also showed an increasing trend of online shopping by 15 percent in Indonesia.

These facts would be enough reason for you to conduct business online (if you are reasonably confident with your choice of online business, I go again) The problem of doing business online it still requires capital for business, although not in the conventional yach range 30-40 million. 

The need is for the purchase of computer servers, rent bandwidth / host, application programs, etc.. One example that you can see sites like amazon.com or tokobagus.com. 

I'm sure you want a simple, small capital but presents a great opportunity for profit. The only option you have, let me say once again you are the only option, there is no other way except through the affiliate (joint).  

Thats mean you join a site that has been providing servers, host / bandwidth to you (oh yummy do not out money) feature support other features that support your business online and of course as you have to pay remuneration for the use of the facility to the owner sites with values that can be said is very cheap, like the price of 1 package of Kentucky Fried Chicken. 

Article Else

Well .. if so which sites provide inexpensive facility like this? The results of my survey, pretty much does this kind of service providers, but only a few trusted sites category because usually what is to be promoted by a lot of sites are not in line with the practice.  

For this reason, I recommend to you if you open your a store online use jejualan.com site. Why should jejualan.com?? he said you can see below:
  • The registration process just 20 seconds means you do not lose much time. (Time is money)
  • Services 24-hour customer service (rarely know on other sites) include consultation with experts in the field of e-commerce strategy to increase sales, as well as the upgrade system onlinemu store.
  • Desing onlinemu store has a very attractive appearance both in terms of setup menu, use color combinations or other accessories.
  • Seo friendly where speed of access by visitors to your  store will in preferred online by admin jejualan.com. including the use of key words that got the top rating in the search engines. The result will boost your online store to get on page 1 search engine like google.com, yahoo.com bing.com.
  • Available marketing support tools, such as free newsletters, campaigns, promo code discount coupons, and much more
  • Available menu including menu updates automatically all the data postage from JNE and Pos Indonesia in your  store online.
  • SMS Report menu provides facilities where SMS will be automatically sent to the customer's cell number and cell phone store's every transaction.
  • Provide a menu option payment such as bank transfer, Paypal & credit cards at Shop onlinemu
  • The rental fee is only 60 thousand / month (1 packet KFC )
The facts that I found on the site jejualan.com as previously parsed, generally not much on offer at other sites. And all of it is a mandatory requirement in an online store in the beginning of this post I will term a system that works for you or real money work for you. 

I would like to close this article with a wise proverb "Only Be smart people who are able to see an opportunity in front of the eyes" and I'm sure you are including the people who were smart enough.
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