03 June 2011


Often we hear about the term assets and many give the interpretation of crooked assets as a physical form of material, for example for bankers assume asset is a guarantee that is given when we borrow money.

But from the side of the borrower money  the guarantee that is given to the bank can not be categorized as an assets.

There is a truth to such opinion from the banking side because when the creditor / borrower money is already in debt and can not afford the assets can be used by the bank to be sold or at auction.

The problem is, because the collateral pledged to the bank no anymore make money to the owner.

Ok, we expanded and added intake of knowledge about assets. Asset in the real sense in various financial literature is something that can provide income to the owner on an ongoing basis.

So the key word here, the assets must be able to make money  to the owner without stopping, so the owner will get a lot of money.

But unlike from the perspective of accounting, assets are often called assets are assets that may be used to finance operations so that will be obtained an income on someday.

Examples are cash, land, buildings, equipment, patents and more.

Which can be Asset

From the above two points of view it is enough to describe to us what is in the asset's own intent. Assets are divided into manufacturing assets (goods) and non-manufacturing (services).

But if you hold on to the notion of accounting, then having such an asset is very difficult and takes a long time.

Arise in our minds, then what kind of assets can be a golden way to make money ?

Is it possible that blogs are owned an asset ??

the answer, depending on the designation of the blog itself as long as able to provide income to the owner can then be said as an assets.

What about the money we save in the bank, is it also an asset? it answered yes.

But the best assets is that has a working system that is able to work without limitation of space and time, while you are sleeping then the assets will work, so we get a lot of money (passive income).

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But to determine the size of income you receive will depend on the arrangement of the system is done.

Blog Is An Asset

Creating a reliable blog to make money  is not really complicated. Condition, we just have to learn a lot.

Use google as a center to find out the ins and outs of blogging. Let me not confused anymore I just briefly describe the steps to create a blog.

1. Define blog topics,

This stage must be done first, about the blog will be made will contain any information. Is it just about health, just about online business only or a combination of information such as my blog.

If the choice falls discussing various information then the right topic of our blog, the most complete information center.

2. Define platform

There are many platforms to create a blog, but if a free use just like my blog is blogspot. Live list at http://www.blogger.com.

3. Input  the template,

Once registered, then you have successfully have a blogger account. But we must know, the blog display provided is still very simple. Maybe you are not satisfied with its appearance, it can change it by downloading direct script template that many circulating in google.

Copy and paste the script into the edit template, but do not forget to delete the default template blogger template.

If you like the look of my blog, just use the floriano template script.

4. Set the menu layout

The affairs of the menu layout when using the automatic floriano template will already be automatically with the left and right side bars. If you want to add a menu on the left side of the right bar, just click add gadget on the layout menu.

5. Create a blog SEO,
Techniques to create a blog that meets SEO standards very much, The point is in the template that we put, there should be listed.

  1. a. H1 where the blog keyword is placed

  1. b.Title tag according to the topic we have set at the beginning

  1. c Meta description contains a collection of general information that explains what information is in our blog

6. Make Post Articles
When the stages are complete, then come make an article. This part is quite light, just spill the thought idea to write. But before doing that, need to do keyword research using google adwords.

How to use google adwords it, see the reviews in my post before

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Once you have a title that feels right, please use our two-fingered ability. Then click on the publication in the upper right corner.

7. Creating Internal and External Links
That is, is a link installed in an article page that leads to another article on our blog. Simple examples such as those listed below the text read also above.

As for external links, is a link that leads to other sites or blogs with similar topics.

How to create it by commenting on the comments form provided. Usually a link will be created if the owner of the site agreed to display our comments.

8. Sign up in google Adsense
Mandatory requirement to be able to list to google adsense it's minimum age of our blog has 6 months with the number of posting articles approximately 10 pieces.

Just click the income menu that is on the left of our account and follow the next process by filling out the form provided.

Fill with the correct email address, home address our blog address correctly. My thoughts When registration is approved, then there will be a reply from google adsense management at email address that we have listed when the first list.

That way your blog will automatically connect to google adsense account . In that account you just take the ad script that has been provided.

Copy and paste the ad script, and install it in any location desired from our blog. It's good adsense script is in pairs in the side bar.

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how to click layout ?

Select the menu add gadget and then chooese  html / javasript.  Paste adsense ads script that has taken in account adsense you have. Leave the form title blank at the top and click save.

When everything is settled and run as planned, then turned our blog into an asset that one source make money. Your Money  will flow as the number of visits coming to our blog, with a note they are willing to click adsense ads that appear.

Can be concluded that the main key to make money   should make our blog as an asset. Without it, it is impossible we will get  money as hard as you work.

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