31 May 2011


Business? certainly not unusual in most people who live under heaven this. Almost all human lives are involved in business affairs, whether he had a background of work of civil servants, private sector employees, school children, grandfather, grandmother, all everybody. 

Some say "not good at doing business", but also in unconsciously his work has been involved in business affairs.  

Some again say that businesses need capital, it takes a lot of time, it takes a lot of relationships. Was like that? Once again WRONG WRONG. 

How wrong? businesses do not need all these reasons, even though you do not have any capital to do business, you do not have a relationship that many business.  

There are many types of business but all of which are regrouped in only two major parts namely:

#1. Goods For example: open a shop, mini market, shops, fuel stations,  

#2. Services
For example, information services (boarding places, advertisements) consultants, freight transportation.

So in essence it requires a business transaction that is created between two or more persons, whether in the form of goods or services.  

Opinion that say that business takes large capital caused them to see the business in perspective GOODS while in service standpoint is not entirely an opinion. in justified.   

For those of you who do not have large capital alias still Kere knee capital doang I suggest he .. he prefers to form business services, and one of them as online business through Internet browsing. 

Capital USD. 3500 (rent cafe lho / hour), then you also have to do business. Right guys ?

This type of online business in general, for the 3 types namely
1. PPL (Pay per lead): ask people you've paid
2. PPC (Pay per click): see you on a paid 
3. PPR (Pay-per-review): give us your comment on the pay-aja
Choose which one, it's up to you but should l take all these opportunities in it, anyway DO NOT NEED CAPITAL just simply register for free on the provider that provides BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY. 

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How To Building Online Bussines
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