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31 May 2011


Marketing aspect has always been a major question from someone who wants to start a business including the cultivation of this fungus. Indeed, marketing is the key to success in the cultivation of mushrooms, but actually is not the only barrier in order to build the success or failure of a business, it was back in business running a business. Many factors that also affect the success of the business, one of which involves the management of the fungus itself.  

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Protein content of oyster mushrooms on average 3.5 to 4% of wet weight. Means that the protein two-fold higher than the asparagus and cabbage. When calculated on the dry weight of oyster mushroom protein content is 19-35%, while rice 7.3%, wheat 13.2%, 39.1% soy and cow milk 25.2%. Oyster mushrooms also contain nine essential amino acids that can not be synthesized in the body of lysine, methionine, tryptophan, threonin, valine, leucine, isoleucine, histidine and phenylalanine.  

Oyster mushrooms fat content at least 72% of total fatty acids are unsaturated fatty acids. Oyster mushrooms also contain a number of important vitamins, especially vitamin B group, vitamin C and provitamin D which is converted into vitamin D with sunlight. The content of vitamin B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin), niacin and provitamin D2 (ergosterol) was quite high.  

The fungus is also a good source of minerals, the main mineral content of the highest is potassium (K) and phosphorus (P), sodium (Na), calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg). However, the fungus is also a good source of minor minerals because they contain zinc, iron, manganese, molybdenum, cadmium, and copper. Concentrations of K, P, Na, Ca and Mg reach 56-70 percent of the total ash, with very high potassium content reaches 45 percent.  

This principle is easy oyster mushrooms cooked into various kinds of dishes, from stir-fry, salad, tempura, soup until other, more complex dishes. Still hesitant to consume this oyster mushrooms?
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Business? certainly not unusual in most people who live under heaven this. Almost all human lives are involved in business affairs, whether he had a background of work of civil servants, private sector employees, school children, grandfather, grandmother, all everybody. 

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Every professional blogger is always very hoping to get free money from his site. But the bad news it is not easy, in addition to having to post quality articles, also has a fairly high blog traffic so that crowded visitors. To realize the special big dream mentioned last, then the point of attention aimed at how to increase blog traffic but not using the ways that are prohibited by google.
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Natural phenomenon that one is somewhat strange, weird unique magic bin that rarely happens. In a number of visual media in television also aired this god road excitement, the way god, why ?  

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Who does not know Wikilieaks? if you do not know mean people rarely follow the news guys, Right ? With the furor maked sell out a number of important data of an institution or country (including Indonesia lho) already is enough to make WikiLeaks was highlighted a number of observers of the problem of cyber crime. 

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In Dan Brown's novel "The Da Vinci Code" Isac Newton called as a figure of medieval European Illuminati are against church dogma about the earth's gravity, which was known to have a secret manuscript. This manuscript contains Newton's predictions about the end of the world, drawn from various ancient books of Daniel and the Gospel. 

In various references note that Isac like physics and mathematics, and secretly, Newton perform mathematical calculations of the age of the world with the resources of the various books of prophecy, history, and also the Bible itself.  

Newton get the result that after the Holy Roman Empire passed in the year 800 AD, then there should be a time lapse of over 1260 years to rebuild it. As a result, Newton wrote that the Holy Roman Empire will stand and this will mark the Day of the World Final, in the year 2060.

According to the Kabbalah belief, at the End of the World, Haikal Sulaiman would have stood up and from there the Messiah (the Christ) will fall back to lead the Jews to fight all men who do not submit to them.  

This war will take place with a superb on the hill Megiddo in the Arab region and therefore called the War of Armageddon which is then visualize in a movie played by Bruce Willis on.
Nasa and Last Day

If we diligently hear remarks from NASA's website, they've said that already many planets which turned around in circles, if on our planet is the sun still rises from the east, then some of this year there are new phenomena that they think other planets has begun to turn direction and the sun rises from the west.
From the scientific side, this is a sign of end times approaching apocalypse, as the instructions from Rasullullah alaihi yours respectfully. It is then according to the scientists of the many planets that turn in circles, they found a planet from another galaxy who move into orbits in our solar system. This new planet later named Planet X (Nibiru).  

Nasa Research  
Planet X is drawn (pulled) by the gravitational force of the sun in our solar system, so then he went into the orbit of the planets in the state reversed course, and some time later Planet X will collide with Earth.  

Scientists call 50 years Planet X (Nibiru) will enter the orbit of our solar system, since he was discovered in 2003.  

Resurrection means may occur in 2053? GOD-HIS was the owner. Humans were given only the eyes, brain and mind to see the signs of GOD Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala.

Trajectory Planet Nibiru (Planet X / Planet tenth) into the solar system is proof of the universe that acts ketidakterhinggaan bring apocalypse on earth. 

The quake, the strongest earthquake in modern human history will occur worldwide. Once the core of the earth stopped moving to the magnetic field parallel to Planet X, the strength of the quake could reach greater than 9 on the Richter scale, although it will be felt differently in different places in the world, depending on the configuration of the rock beneath.  

Antarctic icebergs at the poles split and melt, causing a massive tidal wave, bringing anything that sent the demons packing float. The tsunami waves into a monster of this century which is inevitable.

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25 May 2011


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Someone started selling fresh fish market. He put a notice board reading "Here Sell Fresh Fish" Not long afterwards there came a visitor who asked about his writing. "Why did you write the word HERE? Did not everyone already know if you're selling HERE, is not there? 

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23 May 2011


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Entering the 21st century, the world community began to realize the danger posed by the use of synthetic chemicals in agriculture. People getting wise in choosing food that is safe for health and environmentally friendly.  

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If you are a blogger, clicker must have been familiar with called Ping (Packet Internet Gopher) except for those of you New ComerAfter conducting an investigation in the middle of nowhere like a world of intelligence it can be seen that the PING is a utility program that is useful to check for network connectivity-based Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol (TCP / IP).  

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Posting this time we'll explain a bit long experience and our knowledge of seed production of oyster mushrooms.
F0 main seeds are directly derived or taken directly from the fungal spores is often called a PDA. 

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Oyster mushrooms, or in Latin is called Pleurotus sp. a mushroom consumption. That is, non-toxic so that it can be eaten. Cultivated oyster mushrooms which many in Indonesia in general is white oyster mushroom (Pleurotus ostreatus). This species has a branched stalk. Called the white oyster mushroom because this fungus is a white, rounded hood 3-15 cm.  

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Program this one fairly quickly in the event log with an attractive desktop appearance. When the event was held Microsoft Professional Developers Conference 2005 in Los Angeles, United States, in September last, the participants received a surprise in the form of Windows Vista build 5219 that can be said as a Pre-Beta 2 version of Windows Vista. 

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