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24 December 2017



Since the opening of the tap of the election simultaneously by the government, then every year the focus of political analysts discussions is always struggling who is a popular political figure and has a high elektability.

Not taboo, indeed the year 2016 - 2019 already known public as the public year.

The existence of such a situation then encourage political parties and figures who are interested to join the fight in the democracy party, start pairs of horses.

Undeniably, the party of democracy is always synonymous with the rain of money. That saw the situation is quite severe, ultimately Goenawan Muhammad a prominent author spoke through his article in the magazine July 27, 2016, insinuating that political life has turned into stalls and outlets, kiosks and show-room.

Regardless of the sarcasm, a simple question that always comes out when meeting someone, whether a strong political figure A in your area? Whether it's just an ears heaven for you, your friends simply answer, oh very strong.

The question is, where do you know if the position of a political figure is strong?

Strength of Political Figure

Measuring the strength of figures of political figures who run for regional heads is not an easy matter.
We can not make a false conclusion, that A's political figure is strong on the basis of just talking about a handful of people.

Strong interpretation has a winged sense, can also be translated a certain political figure is quite popular because of a good track record or because of poor track record but about whether to be elected people, not necessarily.

So, the popularity of a person is just an entrance but not everything.

At this point, it takes another measure with what is called the elektability of a political figure. It would be great if the popularity and elektabilitas go together like ants when transporting food.

According to Hasanudin Ali, CEO of Alvara Research Center the level of elektability or the election of a political figure is influenced by 3 factors such as popularity, image, and inner bond.

Popular in the eyes of the voting community does not mean to sit in the number one ranking of the candidates. Most importantly, he is still in the top 3 so it still has enough room to be elected.

Then image, this image factor concerns character and ability of political figure. Candidate image of a low profile, cheap smile, not hard to meet very liked the community.

However, Corner and Pels said that political activities that only prioritize political imagery, without accompanied by the strengthening of political self-qualities, in the end merely only nihilisme.

Therefore, building the image of certain political figures must be supported by good communication skills such as able to provide concrete solutions to community problems. That will further boost its popularity which leads to elektability.

Nimmo in his book Political Communications, Audience and Effects, said the image is all things related to the daily situation of a person, concerning knowledge, feelings and tendency towards something. So the image can change with the passage of time.

As for the inner bond, it is the deep emotional connection of the candidate and the voting community.

This will be created if the voting community feels no distance between them and the candidate.

Why should emotional bonds be built?

The dose is simple, because the line of familial relations is not there at all. To enter the phase of building the only emotional bonding bond is to touch their point of interest.

How can we know what the voters' interests are?

To be able to know what the voters' interests are, the most plausible way is by the blouse method.

Other articles

A sociologist from the University of Gadjah Mada Arie Sudjito said, blouse campaign model is currently a trend among Indonesian politicians. "The trend of politician campaign style is currently heavily influenced by Jokowi's campaign pattern.

Similarly, Charles Bonar Sirait, who wrote the book "the power of public speaking," said that the community will respond and respect much more to the politicians who come to them directly. "The value is very high and unpaid,"

Elektability Research Results

Many ideas increase the popularity and elektability of political figures conducted by the success team without having a strong foothold and established, such as scientific studies.

If it is used, it will make them dizzy, dizzy and lost further into the endless world's jungle. 

If it is said the idea is just speculation, right fit, because finally just waste time, cost and energy in a perfunctly. Actually, some research on the rise and fall of elektability a political figure has been presented by many experts.

Like the LCS Survey 2014 ago in 34 provinces, concluded that 38.3 per cent of the people were more likely to vote for political figures running blouses campaigns, 35.9 per cent voted for political figures for publication, the last 25.8 per cent of people voted for a political figure because of advertisements in the mass media.

The same is also expressed by Riris and Yogih in his journal "Looking Forms of Political Campaigns Typical Indonesia" reveals that the candidates who get the sympathy of the community is a figure that cuts the distance with the community. 

Little different expressed Venus in his campaign management that the community as a voter consider candidates from what is seen in mass media According to McGinnis as quoted by Dennis Kavanagh in his book Ellection Campaigning: The New Marketing of Politics, the voter actually sees the candidate not based on the original reality but rather from a chemical process between the voter and the image of the candidate (imaginary picture).

A good image, by itself will increase the popularity and elektability candidate, vice versa. Poly Strategy Strategy Politics Strategy in principle is the basic ways to do to achieve goals.  

Of course the goal in the intention is to win the hearts of the people so as to be able to gain sound so much and abundant. There are usually two strategies applied in a political struggle packaged in the incumbent versus challenger language and derived through various acts.

Meanwhile incumbent strategy will usually show off all achievements in order to get the reason and the blessing of society to continue. And other side, for a challenger will attempt to show the sides of the failure of the incumbent that goes back in the political battle.

Apart from these two strategies, there are several strategic options that are highly recommended by political communication experts, such as:
1. Programmatic direct visits
2. Incidental direct visits (door to door)
3. Lecture / dialog
4. Programmed social action
5. Incidental social action
6. Inauguration
7. Political contracts
8. Tournament
9. Parade
10. Entertainment / Art
11. Using media center

11 this strategy is a very effective way to boost the popularity and elektability of a political figure up to more than 73 percent.

Is the 11 strategies should be used all?

Yes, if really interested to win a landslide in the political battle.But unfortunately, if the political opponent using the same strategy then chances of getting the most votes are likely to be thinning.


Popularitas and elektability are two different things but is a package that must be pursued a political figure to be able to reap the most votes in the political battle.Research results, there are 3 options in boosting popularity and the elektability of political figures who have always been a channel of voting society to choose his choice, such as:

  • 1.  The blouse method.
    2.  Method of preaching
    3.  Advertising Methods in the mass media
By using these three doors, can be guaranteed a political figure will succeed to get the votes of the people who quite a lot, with a record should be kept secret to the political opponent which methods and strategies used.
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