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06 December 2017



Get money from google adsense ads can not be in the target is a target that so keen pursued by bloggers hunter fortune. In order to pave the big plan, no messing the bloggers willing to study furiously about ways, tips, tricks to get money from google adsense ads from various online sources.

From the results of my research from various information passing by, I caught, that determining an appropriate topic in the blog article reviews is one of the things that determine the least amount of google adsense advertising revenue.

Why ?

That the review of the topic is interesting or not, it is another matter because it is in touch with the taste of the reader.

Also about the topic it is the main keyword, to be temporarily put aside first. Admittedly the essence of the high low income google adsense on a blog is on how big the visitors who come on our blog.

But do they want to click adsense ads that are embedded in the window of your blog? not necessarily.

Topics Of Interest To Readers

Until now no one has dared to say that certain topics are more sought, hunted and read by netizens. But if you rely on the chatter of a sociologist, Provetic Indonesia researcher Roby Muhamad released on the site news.metrotvnews.com said basically human beings tend to be more vigilant or higher attention when finding negative things.

Generally these negative things come from social media that everyone can access. So a negative topic, not necessarily unable to get money from adsense, it is streotipe topics like this that can directly make the heart readers beating fast and hope-please anxious.

Well, if so then the topic of a blog that has a great opportunity to earn high revenue from google adsense ads is

1.  Topic of sexuality
The topic of blogs that have sexuality and grazing porn like this is a hot topic that is sought from among teenagers. But other problems arise, if we review it is too vulgar let alone accompanied by photos and videos then it could be adsense ads dibanned google.

2.  Topics that smelled of threat
Giving a title with a threatening tone to an article post will be very intriguing and inviting people's curiosity to read. Examples such as, which I have posted on this blog a attention, serious threat of selfie photos. 

By using a blend of threat words in an article title, it will reflexively involve and provoke emotional readers especially those who have selfie hoby. They will be curious and find out why the selfie photo is a threat.

3.  Topics on warning hazards
Not much different from the topic of the threat, the topic with danger warning tones have great potential to increase blog traffic.

For example post on this blog 7 things should never  be shared to socialmedia, very dangerous. Such topics are impressive as if the danger is so close and need to be avoided quickly. They try to find a way out by reading post articles that you publish.

For those who read this post, may have a little believe. But I say, wait a minute. The root of the problem if our blog is too focused to discuss a particular topic that does not exist at all adsensenya ads, although aggressively have been using a negative word blend like parsed before then obviously we will not get anything.

So take a good look at what kind of content there is google adsense ads, then start writing articles.

I will make it easy, for bloggers who already have adsense ads account try to take a good look at some of the topics listed in the google adsense ads list, when the click on the ads there is no ads. My thoughts  The topics are:

1. Topics about sports
2. Topics on religion
3. Topics about family and communication
4. Topics on law and government
5. Topics about artist
6. Topics on art and entertainment
7. Topics about home and garden
8. Topics on work and education
9. Topics on news and books

For those who like to discuss these 9 things, it's good at reduce. But if you intend to pursue blog traffic to increase the coffers of revenue from adsense ads, it's okay too. But with the condition, the title that is placed in addition to already passed in the selection of keywords, also combined with negative smelling sentences such as I described in the beginning.

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