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03 November 2017


Many people often think including myself that the person who has a job as a doctor, lawyer, president or director of a company has a highest  salary. But that is a wrong assumption and only a hallucination, it turns out there are still many other jobs that have highest  salary beyond expectations, for example is the work of air traffic controllers. 
The results of a survey conducted by the United States Department of Labor Year 2016 and then shows,there are 5 jobs that have highest  salary.

Jobs Highest Salary 

1.  Air traffic controllers
Given the risk that this job is very heavy because it involves human life it is actually predictable that air traffic controllers should be given a large income or salary.

A year, the average income of a traffic controller is approximately $ 122,410 or when it is 1,652,535,000. So exactly every month he gets a salary of Rp. 137.711.250.

Unfortunately, not everyone can jump in and enter the job as the air traffic controller. For those interested and serious to try out this job then must follow the first training course at the Federal Aviation Administration Academy.

2.  Astronomical Observer
This one job is not unfamiliar, we often watch on television how an observer of celestial bodies does his job with the help of a telescope. Without the aid of such a device it is impossible for an astronomical observer to do his or her work to the fullest.

Caused, the demands of the work that is in the circle of the world of physics so many observers of astronomy completed the study of PhD education in the field of newton physics, mathematics. The world of astronomy is a world of research that requires high tech support where the cost is not small.

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Departing from this point, then usually who use the services of astronomical observers are governmental or private institutions whose research budget is large enough. The average annual income of an astronomer is $ 110,380. or if calculated into Rupiahs ranging from 1,490,130,000.

3.  Midwife
This one work is usually a lot of we see in public hospitals or special. The main characteristics we can know with a white hood that sticks on top of the head.

In Indonesia alone this job is still considered a job that has less appeal because only women who can pursue it.  It is not funny if there is a man who helps mothers give birth to possibly take care of her postpartum.

Not much different from the work of a doctor, to become a professional midwife, we are required to participate in the competency exam held by the Ministry of Research and Higher Education. So, even if you have pocketed a diploma as a midwife, not necessarily we can open a practice clinic without having a pass certificate in the competency exam.

In the United States alone a job of a midwife, each year can earn revenues of approximately $ 107,460 or in 1,450,710,000 rupiah.

4.  Talent Seekers
If you often watch America Got Talent on the Net TV channel, then we can see 4 talent scouts who are busy doing direct interviews with participants who follow the talent search event.

Glimpse of this talent scout job is simple, do not bother and even memorable play. But behind all that, actually their reputation as a professional talent scout is at stake.  

How not, if if they recommend to a company, say a singer is considered to have talent but in fact not proven at all. The average annual salary of talent scouts is not touched millions of dollars like the three previous jobs. Their income is only about $ 86,560, or Rp. 1.168.560.000.

5.  Animator
An animator's main job is to design a special digital effect to use when making movies, games, music videos. One of the most popular and popular animated animated works of children, even adults like toy story, big hero.

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Is an American country and Japan who love to produce animated film card. Perhaps due to the super cheap production costs then the film producers in the two countries are more like to make a movie with the animation genre.

For the animation designer, they are on average each year get a salary of approximately $ 65,300 or if calculated in the rupiah value ranges from Rp. 881.550.000

Highest Salary is a choice

Having a highest  salary is certainly very coveted many people. Many family finances can be solved but at the end of  there are other things that must be sacrificed such as time with the family is getting less or even almost nothing at all.

At this point, highest  salary become a difficult choice between choosing a family or highest  salary. Attention is less on the family then maybe our children grow without being based on affection that eventually bring disaster to promiscuity.

But if our salary is small, it also sparks serious problems that often start mouth war. So what to do? Well the main key is just patience and understanding. For me, the highest  salary does not need to be big does not matter, as long as all the basic needs of the family has been fulfilled it is more than enough.

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