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10 November 2017


In today's digital age, looking for job vacancies is very difficult. How not, the use of technology support in the work turned out to have narrowed the need for labor. As a result, open unemployment has skyrocketed, crime has also increased.

Interestingly, every year employment growth is very slow. Until 2014, recorded every 1 percent of economic growth is only able to open job vacancies ranging from 160,000.

While on the different side every year there is an increase in the number of labor by 2 million people, not to mention the added 23 million people who only work part time.

That is, the growth of people looking for work is very high, unbalanced with the number of national jobs available in the job market.

Further impact, there is a very tight competition between job seekers in the fight for available job rations.

This situation is not very good, certainly a problem for the government and more specifically for job seekers. Sitting case, usually requirements are quite heavy, for example, must graduate S1 with GPA 2.75, should have work experience at least 2 years.

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If you do not have all these requirements, do not get discouraged. It's as if world of the end  because tomorrow do not eat anymore. The saying goes wisely, ants can only find food, human periods do not.

There are many job vacancies out there that do not require you to have a graduate diploma and college degree.
What are those jobs?

Miscellaneous Best Jobs

1. Security guard
Work as a security guard is identical with security issues so it fits perfectly if you give that kind of understanding. If we go to the bank we will find many of them who work this security guard. Even at the locations of the entrance of housing, shopping areas, security guard companies are scattered there.

Well for those of you who do not have a diploma at all or just have an equivalent high school diploma there is no harm in applying in this job. Condition, good posture, have strong guts.

2. Private driver / bus / taxi
Employment as a driver, whether a private driver to a boss, a bus driver or a taxi is the next opportunity for a job seeker. Condition, you have the expertise of driving a vehicle as evidenced by a driver's license (SIM A) from the police.

Problem of high or short posture, is not needed in the job as this driver. No matter the diploma was never asked when applying as a driver.

3. Marketing Finance / vehicle dealers
For those who have ever bought a vehicle is certainly no stranger to this one job. We are given a lot of explanation by someone who works as a marketing when buying a vehicle.
Also not much different when needed money, and want to pawn BPKB vehicles in the company finance it will be served by a marketing finance.

Terms to get this job is not complicated, just need a high school diploma equivalent only, but sometimes there are certain companies add also with the condition must have a motor and SIM C.

4. Household / restaurant assistant
The main task of an assistant is only to help the work either inside the house, restaurant or restaurant. Generally the work done is not specific, for example if the household assistant, sweep, cooking, floor mop.

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Slightly different from the restaurant / restaurant assistant, her daily work just serves the customers who eat. For those who seriously want to work as a housekeeper, just register at olx.co.id. I guarantee 100 percent, when your list is not requested with any diploma.

5. Online motorcycle taxis
Uber, go-jek is a new type of work that has recently been so writhing in the Indonesian transportation world. Unfortunately, this work is still widely opposed by fellow professions, motorcycle taxi individual.

But that's another matter, let it be the government's business to take care of it. To get this job, you have to have your own vehicle and a smartphone. A diploma? let me just make it as a peanut wrapper.

6. Heavy Equipment Operators
If you have already operated one heavy equipment such as excavators, loaders, trucks, fibro, then do not waste that skill. There are many companies that require your expertise as a machine operator with an average salary calculated in hours. Let more convincing and reasonable, visit jobstreet.co.id site.

7. Network developers
It has become a trend in the business world to apply methods of Multi Level Marketing or tiered marketing. This work is still underestimated and one-sided a lot of people. Considered this job sells a particular product course.

Even though, their brain is solid contains, the core work in the world of multilevel marketing is actually developing a marketing network, not selling products. There are many companies that offer this job, please just join, the terms just need identity card plus pay some administrative costs.

Let not be missed, it's good you must to visit the site ojk.go.id, make sure the company that became your target target is not included in the category of black investment in the financial services authority.

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