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27 October 2017


The legend of Albert Einstein's greatness never seemed to fade. Physicist world famous for his theory of relativity is so down to earth today.

Despite having died 61 years ago, or exactly April 18, 1955, in Princeton, New Jersey, America, but always the name is called and become an icon for people who succeeded in innovation, (brain Einstein).

Readers, not too surprising if many say, the genius's IQ (Intelligence Quotient) is very high.

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Undeniably, geniuses do have something more than the average human ability.

What are the abilities of the genius?

One of the extraordinary abilities possessed by geniuses is his ability to remember and memorize quickly.

For example, for a person with a standard capability, memorizing the 16 digit voucher charging the data pulse is already considered a very heavy work. But not for those who are geniuses, instead it becomes the most popular dining menu.

So, if you've managed to memorize 16 digits in the voucher charging the data pulse, congratulations you are the next genius candidate.

Is that easy?

The Men Geniuses in the World

Readers, there is one question that many fancies, is it Albert Einstein only human genius on this earth?

No, coincidentally he was born first and managed to find something that is great in his time so so phenomenal and remembered throughout history.

Actually if measured by its IQ level, Albert Einstein's genius has not been nothing.

How come ?

Because IQ owned by Albert Einstein only 160, much better IQ that belongs to our third President BJ Habibie 200.

Besides BJ. Habibie still, there is another human being on this earth who has a very distant IQ from Albert Einstein.

Who are they?

1.William James Sidis

This one character is actually his birth almost simultaneously with the birth of Albert Einstein. William James Sidis was born in the United States in 1898, while Albert Einstein was 1879.

His name is still so strange we hear, especially for those who rarely read. But not for the people who khatam with the world biographies of world scientists.

Unique facts show, William has an IQ to the number 300. Signs of genius revealed, that not even an eight-year old was able to write some books, including astronomy and anatomy. And when the age of 11 years accepted as the youngest student at Harvard University.

Worse yet, William is able to master 100 more languages. A language he mastered only in a day.

2. Terence Tao

The figure of this one reaches 230 IQ levels. Born with the full name Terry Chi-Shen Tao July 17, 1975 in Adelaide, Australia.

Actually the Terence family comes from Hongkong who migrated to Australia.

Genius began to look at the age of two years as released online Magazine. Tao as a child was able to perform basic arithmetic while not yet attending school.

Age 20 years Terence Tao received his PhD Then became professor lapse 4 years later.

3. Christoper Hirata

This man was born in 1982, has an IQ of 225 and belongs to one magical man. At the age of 14 years has been accepted at the California Institute of Technology and two intermittent Christoper already working at NASA. His PhD degree was achieved at the age of 22 at Princeton.

4. Kim Ung Yong

Born in South Korea on 7 March 1962 in Hongje-Dong, Seoul, South Korea. Kim Ung Yong has IQ 210 and has been recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as the world's highest IQ man.
At the age of 3 years old Kim was able to read and speak in 4 languages. In addition, Kim is able to solve the problem of calculus that is only broadcast on television.

5. Evangelos Katsioulis

One genius figure born in Greece 19 January 1976 with IQ reaches 198. Is a president and founder who gave birth to AAAA.GR (Anadeixi Academy Capability Assessment) and the World Intelligence Network.

6.Christopher Michael Langan

This figure has an IQ of 195. When the new age of 6 months is able to read. He is famous for developing the theory of the relationship between mind and reality or can be called Cognitive-theoretic Model of the Universe (CTMU).

Measuring a person's genius

The value of IQ (Intelligence Quotient) a person is not a careless number that we can make as they like.

The value is born from several standard tests that have been designed in such a way.

How to calculate IQ?

Manually calculate IQ is: mental age: chronological age x 100.

If my friend is interested to know how much IQnya level, forget the formula to calculate the IQ as before.

Currently available applications calculate IQ online. You can visit the site http://www.tes-iq.com

As rule to Assesment IQ is divided into 8 groups, namely:
1. Genius: IQ above 140
2. Very super: IQ 120-140
3. Super: IQ 110-120
4. Normal: IQ 90-100
5. Stupid: IQ 80-90
6. Moron / Dumb: IQ 50-70
7. Imbecile: IQ 25-50
8. Idiot: IQ 0-25

Actually there is no single recipe for geniuses, but some studies suggest that the genius is strongly influenced by brain development factor when he is still in the womb or toddler age. how to make my son a genius?

The results of research Saifullah Rohman who is none other than a researcher from the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) through his book Tips Printing Children Genius World Class Character, revealing the genius that can be engineered.How to do?

There are some things suggested Saifulah obligatory the law is done by the husband and wife if serious interested in his child can be a genius, such as:
  1. Breastmilk consistently 
  2. Avoid cigarettes, liquor and drugs during pregnance 
  3. Be careful with pesticides while pregnant 
  4. Do not have excessive weight 
  5. Avoid fast food Familiarize breakfast 
  6. Father's age not too old when having a child
 And when the child is born, there are 10 things you need to do:
  1. Train the child to be patien 
  2. Encourage children to be independent 
  3. Develop Self confidence 
  4. Less watch television less play computer and games 
  5. Practice playing musical instruments 
  6. Introduce as much vocabulary as possible 
  7. Make a child like to read  
  8.  Educating children through PAUD 
  9. Perform brain teasers 
  10. Carefully selecting games

Every human being is not born to be stupid, fool and his descendants down. That genius is a hereditary disease is not entirely true. The development of the genius era can be engineered because it is influenced on the mother's nutritional intake when pregnant, also what you teach when the child was a toddler.

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