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30 October 2017



Side jobs seem to still be the needs of today's job hunters. The reason, although already have a major job that can reap revenue, but the fact that is not enough. Many common reasons are delivered when someone is asked why should look for a second job again. But the most sensible reason and always said my economy is still lousy.

There may be certain targets to be achieved by people who need side jobs, such as buying a car. Could be also income in the main job is still, apprehensive.

All that is fine, for those who intend to choose and run but certainly a side job will always need extra time for the perpetrators.

Considerations Looking for Side Jobs

Side job outside the main job in case the bad news is very risky for a career to be stoped  in company work, increasing workload or possibly floating capital.

The good news is that side jobs are a great opportunity to be your own boss. We can organize our work at will, when the hours of work at start and end, when to rest.

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But in this position just deserve to be enjoyed for people who work side has been successful. For newcomers, wait, hard work as hard as it can still be a demands that can not be negotiable.

There are various considerations before deciding on finding a side job to know:

a.   What is your strongest motivation
Many people often underestimate the motivation of this work when this is the only reason we can be serious and can survive for as long as possible. Perhaps your current financial condition is so severely squeezed, plus the debts that are scattered everywhere. You feel embarrassed always on the bill of debt then this is worthy of being motivated to find a side job.

b.  Time Considerations
Recognize the free time you have because this side job will be done on the sidelines of the main job.

c.   Who does
There are two options when looking for a side job, first you will do it alone or second, simply use the services of others. If you choose to use the services of others, need to consider the amount of salary to be given.

d.  Capital Strength
It has become commonplace in building a business will always be in tandem with capital. No matter how small the business that becomes our backs to side work in order to scoop up the coffers of profits will need capital.
So make sure your capital is available first so it will know exactly what kind of business would be in pioneering. Should avoid capital that uses the source of funds from debt, because it is too high risk.

Type of Side Jobs

Working outside the office or in other words side work has a very diverse variant. Wrong in choosing a side job will be fatal, your time is consumed a lot, so it should be necessary to carefully consider the subject matter of this case.

Let me shrink more and not make you confused I summarize into two major sections of side work:

1. Conventional work
Type of this work has many colors and various types of businesses. The amount can be hundreds of thousands of business types such as, grocery stalls, restaurants, laundry services, car rental, child care, counter pulses,  electronic services, coffee shops, catering, music rental, wedding clothes, workshop bakery, online motorcycle taxi, driving course.

Whatever our choice to run the side job, success will not depend on the economic conditions in which we live in the added work patterns applied.

2. Work as online

Nowadays with the increasingly stretching of the digital world into a plague in all countries of the world, then inevitably the choice of working online has become a new trend that many selected job hunters.

The reason is simple, little capital, market share so field without borders flag, can be done together with the main work in the office.

Well here you have to know all sorts of work that can bring income online.

a. Youtuber / blogger

The main requirement to be a youtuber just one is must have an account on youtube channel then added you diligently create videos that are uploaded in the account that has been made. Later if the video is made able to bring in many visitors immediately register to google adsense to get ads. These ads are the source of your income.

Not much different from a blogger, the main capital is a website with various platforms. Keywords in this side job you should be diligent writing that is able to attract visitors as much as possible. When successful, immediately apply to google adsense to get ads.

b. Freelance

In the online world today many offered various services such as graphic design, writing articles. You may choose this job with a record of having special skills because the competition is very hard and sharp. I refer you to visit www.freelance.co.id, www.projects.co.id to take various job offers.

c. Online news media

Already bloom and congregation takes place, publish a news enough through online media means. Compared through print media that require strong support facilities, then the online media needed just two-fingered skills alone.

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e.    Social media consultant

Being an online consultant is an unusual job and I hardly find anyone daring to offer services in this field. The reason is the main attraction, because the use of social media itself is the majority used by people just to just comment. Other functions as a means of business promotion are not known enough people. This is a viable side job opportunity you are considering taking.

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The option of working side by side is very wide open, whoever he or she who has a full-time job can pick up and start this side job. But to begin with, there are four things to consider before deciding to take a side job.

1. The strongest motivation is owned
2. Time Considerations
3. Who does it
4. Capital Strength

If all four things are sorted out, the next step is to choose what kind of side work is done conventionally or simply done online. You can be successful in all kinds of work because they all come back to themselves.

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