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05 July 2017


Investing is a routine job for someone who has plunged into the business world. Some are done privately but many also delegate the investment business to a promoter insvestasi as we meet in the capital market networks. Here's the problem, if the investment issue is left to someone else then you should be ready to accept the risks. But on the other side you do not have time to make an investment, inevitably the choice fell by using the services of an investment promoter. 
The problem both arise is if you meet a dishonest promoter of investment. They will always try to convince you about how much profit you can make in the blink of an eye. As if everything seems certain and there is no obstacle that would be a stumbling block. 

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This is where it takes your carefulness and carefulness as an investor. Careful and thorough consideration should be your priority 

Things to do Before Investing 

# 1. Take your time. 
Loose time is the most important requirement in the beginning you want to invest either whether it's done on your own or using an investment promoter. The decision whether or not you invest will greatly depend on how much free time you provide. So essentially the more time it will be the more things you know.

# 2. Do some research. 

Doing research on things related to the investment you will take highly recommended you absolutely run. Open communication with previous asset or business owner to know its history. 

Contact people who are considered successful by your investment promoter just to convince the truth of the information provided. The most important is immediately discuss all the ideas or investment plans with an accountant, lawyer or other advisor who you know and trust. 

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# 3 Be skeptical. 
Always feeling hesitant is worthy and must exist within an investor. When meeting with an investment promoter with a flimsy appearance then do not quickly you are fooled by his appearance. It's so usually they will tell you a long time about an investment with abundant profits and minimal risk. 

If a model like this you face then you must be reasonable suspicious and hesitant. All you need is an honest explanation of your target investment risks. 

# 4. Find out who you're dealing with. 

You need accurate and reliable information about the company that will invest. Searching for information using search engines with specific keywords such as scam or complaints can also be a way to ask directly to other people who knew about that company. 

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Best Business Opportunities Investment promoters often act indecent by using other names when making an investment offer. Worse they also lie about their name or business history, or even pay someone else to be their reference examples of successful people. 

# 5. Ask if the investment has a track record. 

Sometimes or more so often referred to, an investment promoter exaggerates the success story of a company in which it works. It could be the right thing but it could be the opposite because it is told that is the neighboring company where he used to work and then fired. So ask for a track record of the company where you will invest and make sure it is obtained from an official source. 

# 6.Get the details. 

A company that already has legal standing has a professional management system. They will always make a detailed and complete record of the money you invest. So ask for written proof of how much money you have on investment, how much commission is earned, how much profit for an investment promoter, and how much marketing costs. 

General Investment Schemes and Money Schemes Beyond that there are indeed many business schemes to make money. Get to know as many schemes as you can. Use the government-provided information center to find out things like:

# Storey Marketing. 

Some of the most common staged marketing plans used by scammers are schemes A ponzi or pyramid scheme. Learn how to differentiate this scheme. # Business opportunities. Before you sign on the dashed line or send money to buy business opportunities, find out about any rules of business opportunity that you will take. 

# Investment Seminars. 

The promise of quick and easy money can be But you may find that the products and information sold at this seminar are worthless. 

# Start up Internet. 

Starting an internet business can sound like a dream, but the internet opportunity offer is fake because it is not detailed. 

# Invest in Gold. 

Some gold investment promoters do not deliver what they promise, and may instead push people into investments that are not right for them. 

# Currency investment Investing in currencies requires in-depth investigation. 

Learn this thoroughly thorough considering the high risk level. 

# Government Grants. 

The grant offer that is always spiced up does not require money usually is a fraud. So look in detail about the grant from that government. 


Investing is a must if you have the intention of wanting to be rich but behind it there is an investment risk that lurks all the time. 

Therefore there are 6 things you need to prepare before investing. Once the 6 things are met then the next step is to study the schemes related to the investment. Each investment scheme has its own characteristics and rules of the game. 

You love to use the services of an investment promoter but the knowledge of the investment scheme generally becomes compulsory. Without adequate knowledge capital, I'm sure it's not a profit you can make but it's not a disaster. 

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