30 May 2017



It is said that the beauty is relative, I agree on this matter. But if asked, which nation in the world the average woman has a beautiful face? Spontaneous will immediately answer china. As beautiful as identical with clean white skin, smooth and super fast.

If you are a mandarin movie enthusiast, then such a scene is commonly found

I'm pretty sure 1000 percent of women everywhere are eager to be like them.

Is this the influence of heredity?

Not even, The root of the problem every human being has the same skin, so whether or not a beautiful woman depends on the way she took care of her.

Habits of Chinese Society

The country of bamboo curtain, China is not only famous for its herbal medicine tradition but its women also have other traditions to keep their beauty to look perfect.

It is ensured that the traditions they use use natural ingredients that are free from the interference of hazardous materials.

Tradition or habits that have been handed down to generation and maintained up to this moment and this is what be regarded beauty china woman so well preserved porcelain tub.

Some things that said here, must be tried and it's good tips white face clean, smooth china women can also you share to fellow beauty enthusiast through social media accounts owned.

What are the greatest secrets of Chinese women's beauty?

The Secrets of White Skin, Clean and Smooth,

Having a black facial skin, scarlet, scaly complete with acne accessories is not an option. But if that happens, the impact of our confidence is doomed.

But, do not be disappointed first, now there are many ways to make our skin whiter, clean, smooth, super fast pearly tub.

One of those ways, by repeating the habits of Chinese women.

1. Always consumption of green beans

This food is a favorite of most people including me. The green beans are made up of protein, calcium and zinc so it will be great for maintaining skin elasticity.

It is believed that high protein content then the production of collagen in the body increases so that the elasticity of the skin will be maintained.

In a book of traditional Chinese medicine is so popular titled Kai Bao Ben Cao said that green beans have properties as well as a toxin to the skin.

In addition to the way consumed, the habit of using facial mask from green beans is also done china women. Inquire had a look at the mask of green beans can reduce the oil content on the face, despite the amount it is fitting used for frying.

Not only that, lifting dead cells can also be done with this green bean mask so the skin will look sleek and fresher.

2.Always wash your face with rice water

The second point commonly used by Chinese women is to wash their face with rice immersion water.

What is the actual content in the rice content so that it works so to tighten facial skin?

The results of the research mentioned that the content in the rice immersion water contains oryzano is a material that can counteract the exposure of ultaviolet rays into the skin.

3. Always consume green tea leaves
There are other habits of the Chinese male and female Chinese population that is always like drinking green tea. They strongly believe in the efficacy of green tea leaves.

Why should green tea?

According to them green tea is rich in antioxidants that prevent premature aging. As a result skin elasticity is always awake.

Some references that I read, also mention green tea contains vitamins, saponins, theophyline, theobromine is useful to fight infection and help keep body temperature optimal.

4. Always consume mint leaves

Actually the main usefulness of mint leaves has been known since 2000 years ago. The name of the mint leaf itself comes from the legend of the ancient Greek goddess Minthe. Currently mint leaves are widely used in some moisturizing products such as lotions.

Maybe you are wondering, why should the mint leaves be used?

The main function of mint leaves when used in the form of a mask is to stimulate the regeneration of facial skin cells. The leaves contain vitamin A that can brighten and smooth the skin.

In addition, Salicylic acid substances in the mint leaves are very powerful to prevent the appearance of acne.

Based on these facts then for the skin color business to look bright, Chinese women have a habit of sticking some mint leaves to the skin of the face. They are so sure these mint leaves can make their skin smoother.

5. Always brush the face
Not only the clothes are brushed, but it turns out the skin also needs to be brushed. This is somewhat a unique fact and is a hereditary practice of women in china.

What does the face brush make with beauty?

It turns out the habit of such a face brush is useful in addition to opening the blood flow around the face, also to remove dead skin cells.

Can a brush be used?

Wait a minute, can be troublesome if the brush is used. Usually Chinese women like to use jade for brush affairs to brush their faces.

6.Always use a face mask from turmeric
The use of masks from turmeric is so popular not only in mainland china, but has widened to the middle east region.

At the wedding procession in the middle east found the fact, they chose to use a turmeric mask for the beauty of the bride's beauty. After I investigate, it turns turmeric is rich in vitamin B6, C, iron and magnesium.

What are the benefits for turmeric for beauty?

Turmeric is very helpful to overcome the wrinkles on the face and this is the point of importance of the most preferred women, turmeric can also whiten the skin naturally.

Beauty bleaching products are widely available today contain many hazardous materials. And it is no secret many victims of women fall because of using synthetic bleach products on the market.

Chinese women used only turmeric powder mixed with water to make face masks. But over time, the formula has been developed into several variants, such as:

1. Turmeric mask – honey
2. Turmeric mask - rose water
3. Turmeric turmeric - milk powder
4. Turmeric mask - sandalwood powder
5. Turmeric mask - mustard oil

There is no sin to try, because the material is very safe.


Want pretty quickly takes a huge cost and it does not guarantee we will be free from the possible side effects arising on the use of a synthetic product.

The best option, is just use natural ingredients as has been done by the Chinese women.

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