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05 November 2016


Being slim is the dream of most of the women under the sky. As if that thing can not be at bargain-negotiable and a fixed price that needs to be fought.

So interested  want to slim, many ways been and done to lose weight in order to look stunning with fantastic slender body.

Starting from uprise slimming synthetic drugs although it lives at stake, up to uprise types of herbs.

Why womenfolk industrious once wanted to slim down?

The results of the study are summarized in several journals say that there is a close relationship between body weight with one's level of confidence.

That is, the person's weight gain, the same time the confidence these women will fall.

The cause of weight gain

Weight gain is actually due to the calories that enter the body does not burn out. The cause, as a result of the gestures made by someone just a little instead tend to be almost nonexistent.

The nutrition experts mention one serving of white rice dishes on average weighed 100 grams contains about 175 kcal calories.

So if you eat in a day 3 times, meaning there are 300 calories into the body.

Not to mention the calories in side dishes, such as white rice plus eggs, chicken satay, then the number of calories can approach 900 kcal.

So it is very unlikely that any weight rose only 1 day only.

You need to know every 1 kg of weight, it means you hoard 7700 Kcal so that it can calculate the total calories in the body by weight gain.

Say, your ideal weight to look slim is 50 Kg. After how many months or years later gained weight to 60 kg, then your excess body approximately 77,000 kcal.

What causes it to accumulate calories?

t's a good question, it was described at the beginning, its cause for calorie burning activity through body movement is very low.

How big does the calories burned for each type of job?

The number of calories burned

In liputan6.com sites disclosed how many calories are burned for each type of work performed such as:

  1. Typing burn 34 Calories
  2. Driving traffic 68 Calories
  3. Agriculture, chasing cattle or other livestock and driving 68 calories
  4. Sewing, hand sewing 68 calories
  5. Bartender 88 calories
  6. Clean the sink and the toilet 102 calories
  7. Suck dust 136 calories
  8. Plumbers 170 calories
  9. Work up 170 calories
  10. Masseur 204 calories
  11. Teaching physical education, sports, exercise classes 204 calories
  12. Picking fruit 238 calories
  13. Dancing 258 calories
  14. Workers building 340 calories
  15. Nurses horse 340 calories
  16. Truckers 374 calories
  17. Firefighter 748 calories
  18. Professional divers 748 calories
Returning again to the example of the build up of 77000 earlier, then to lose weight quickly (approximately 3 months) to position 50 Kg, you should do the activity as a diver or a fireman. 
In short, if you want ideal body weight and looked trim the number of calories in when you eat and the amount of calories burned at the same time should be the same. 
Alan Aragon, M.S., nutrition consultant Men's Health magazine says the calories and fat is the source of energy suppliers very fast for the human body. 
So if the energy source is not used, almost certainly will accumulate. 
Spoken more calories are often used by the body as well as to assist the process of melting fat and protein into energy use. 
Maciej Buchowski, Ph.D., a research professor at the medical center at Vanderbilt University said that for every 100 calories consumed, our body uses only 5-10 calories for digestion. 
As for fat, our bodies use less again. While the protein to become champions for the affairs of burning calories, our bodies require 20-30 calories in the digestion process. 
In essence, calories and fat will always accumulate in our bodies sooner or later. Moreover, if it is not matched with activities that can burn calories and the fat.Is it true that the product on the market to lose weight? 
Tips to make the body slim.

Not entirely true, it depends on the problem that your body naturally. For instance, some herbal products offered in the market, the system works by removing fat in the intestine so it is very suitable for women who are having problems to fat accumulation. 
In short, the use of herbal products to make a slim body will not be the same for everyone. For slimming drugs alias synthetic chemical drugs, is not recommended. 
Here are some surefire tips that experts recommend to lose weight.
  1. Eat more foods containing protein (wheat, soy, almond). Remember needs calories to digest protein foods will be very high.
  2. Consumption of more water. The goal for fat removal process to multiply in the gut.
  3. Activities should be more diverse (sweeping, running, sewing, etc.)
  4. Eat more high-fiber foods (vegetables, fruits)
  5. Use a small plate at mealtime. The goal is clear, let us smaller portions of food.
  6. Avoid snacking during the night. In the night our bodies practically did not do any activity, so if there are carbohydrates and fat into the body then it tends to make the body rapidly swelling.
  7. Reduce the lunch hour. Hours oversleeping will reduce the activity so that it becomes one of the root causes of weight to rise.
 Getting slim posture and make eye does not blink became the target of women. For those whose weight is already rising, this will be a major problem that often interfere. 
Consuming certain drugs not be the best and are more likely to try it. Already so just spending money.  

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