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19 November 2016



Many ways people who pursue an online business to increase earnings marketing their products. One such way is often to be excellent online businesses is what is called affiliate marketing.

What's Affiliate Marketing

Simply put, affiliate marketing is a form of cooperation between the owner of an online store with a marketing agent in exchange for a certain commission.

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So, the owner of online shop, no longer bothered with the affairs of promotional products, marketing agent who is trying to bring consumers to the website of the online store owner.

A simple example of this form of affiliate marketing as practiced by amazon.com, Tokopedia, oxl, bukalapak.

How to Build an Affiliate Marketing

Build an affiliate marketing based business is actually quite easy. You simply have a website first.

Whether using a paid or free domain was not a problem. However it is advisable to use a paid domain, let you have full control over your website.

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There are several steps to build an affiliate marketing platform:

1. You must first specify the name of the affiliate marketing business.

Whether using personal brand with the name of its own tone or use the name of a company. 

For example, if you intend to health products, then that is the affiliate marketing niche you.

Niche is just a first step which is called a digital marketing experts as a platform.
There are several reasons why you should build this platform is

First, the platform opens opportunities for you to control the trademark of your business, whether it's a product or maybe your own personal name.

The problem comes when you launch an affiliate marketing to public spaces such as facebook, twitter in order to gain traffic.

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Here are particularly at risk once the affiliate marketing your property will be replaced or amended by the parties to put their names naughty.

Both your affiliate marketing platform useful for enhancing confidence in your potential customers. 

People who intentionally or visit your business website have the opportunity the chance to look around.

2. Use a domain and hosting account.

It certainly should be done, because it became the forerunner to the emergence of a website in which will be placed a number of products, complete with his review.

3. Build Your Email List.

There is a saying money is in the list of email. Cooperative relationships with many people is the main capital of an affiliate marketing. 

Without it, in the long term online business will be cooled and freezing.

Customer email list is one proof that you earn the trust of others to cooperate.

Actually you could try to increase your product sales by promoting its own. But it takes hard work double folds.

Affiliate marketing via email can overcome the problem of sale of the product. 

With a system of equitable division of the commission, then the marketing of your products will be assisted by another person, but it's not free.
So the keywords, the more opportunities you connect with lots of people then you have the space and invite them loose to follow your own affiliate marketing links.

4. Build Cooperation with the Memorandum of Understanding

Build partnerships can not just based saliva and campaign  sentence seduction with the lure of huge commissions.

As business professionals, then you must offer joint affiliate marketing it in a document agreement.

Its content will include the rights and obligations of each, prohibition, a grace period of cooperation and sharing of commissions on both sides.

The offer is very good to build a reputation and image of you that you have a serious commitment and mutually beneficial business relationship with anyone.

Affiliate Marketing Schemes

Narrates from digital marketing expert opinion then affiliate marketing system are divided into five categories:

# 1. Pay Per Sales (PPS),
PPS method is an affiliate marketing system that uses a commission if the division has occurred product sales.

# 2. Pay Per Click (PPC),
PPC method is an affiliate marketing system that uses a commission on each division occurs clicks on ads posted on its website marketers agent.

One method PPC was very well-known and much sought after bloggers is Google Adsense.

# 3.Pay Per Leads (PPL),
PPL method is an affiliate marketing system that uses the distribution commission for every lead or link given your marketers agent.

# 4.Pay Per Review (PPR) PPR method is an affiliate marketing system that uses commission-sharing based on the results of a review or reviews written someone. Review or reviews in the form of a product or service.

# 5.Recurring.
The fifth method is a method that uses affiliate marketing division of the commission if the agency successful marketers attract potential customers to use the products or services offered

Commission Payment Method

Payment of commission for an agent marketers generally do not do so after the transaction. But usually collected used to a certain amount and then paid.

The reason is, because it is linked from the administrative costs imposed by certain banks in the process of transfer of the commission itself.


Methods of affiliate marketing is a legacy method that evolved long before the online business world it exists. Amazon first initiator that simplifies this method in 1994.

Later this method was already widespread adoption of online businesses and it is a super intelligent method that is no reason not to use.

Provided you are seriously following the steps already spoken earlier in the beginning, then believe you will succeed.

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