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17 November 2016



Who is not familiar with this one social media facebook. I'm sure almost most certainly have a facebook account. Generally, internet users choose social accounts as a penalty vent, comment and even to attack the other people.

But there are also a minority of people who use facebook intelligently as a place to develop their online business.

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For the latter are not widely known many people, how to do business online using a facebook account.

Facebook Business Page

If you're the type of person likes a challenge and has a keen interest in finding out this then you're in the right place.

Let not inflict my head cap ignorant and talk nonsense, review this time I will be parsed in a straightforward matter of how the online business on facebook, so make sure you read it through to completion.

Readers, facebook application was actually developed for online business affairs. The trick to capture as many as possible users of facebook accounts throughout the world.

So you do not realize is actually already the target prospective customers in the business circle facebook.

The proof, when you intend to increase the number of friendship, certainly could not, quite simply up to 5000 people.

The rest you have to pay to advertise promotional methods.

Ad is certainly not a guide to the use of detergents vermin exterminator, but the material is the promotion of something that you have.

Where did you put that thing?

A very good question, this point I would like to explain that Facebook already provides standalone pages named fans page.

The function of this page is actually more akin to design a website or blog, because it is equipped with facilities for design zoom widget.

If not paralyzed my memory, then the fan page is very different from that do not have a facebook account widgets facilities altogether.

So basically you are not free to organize facebook account page views, compared with the fans page.

It is so also for the amount of friendship in your page fan page is not restricted at all.

How to Create a Fan Page
Good, let's go to the practice of making fans page that supports your online business. There are several steps
# 1. Sign in to your facebook account you have, then visit the link https://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php. There will find several options such categories
  •  Local business or place
  • Companies, organizations or institutions
  • Brand or product
  • Artist, musical group or community leaders
  • Entertainment
  • Movement or community
Choose one of these categories, of course if his intention for business then there are only two selection categories, namely places or local business as well as the brand or product.

When selecting a category, you will be taken to a drop down menu that it requires that you fill in the business name, address and phone number. Click start to proceed to the next stage.
# 2. Information Contents Page Fans

A moment on the next page will appear like this page
<Alt img src = 'picture.jpg' width = '100' height = '100' alt = 'fans page' />

Fill in the description of your business on the understanding that people are talking about what the fans of their pages. 

Here, you can also enter an online business or website url of your other accounts on the menu of the website (eg, twitter, linkedin, pinterest).

Do not forget to upload photographs of his business supporters let me look professional because the photo will always appear every time you make a post.

I recommend taking photos that appear pretty one, shaped business logo measuring 180 x 180 pixels.

# 3. Fans content Contents Page

Once all that is done then comes the most important part, filling fans page content.

Begin by entering a photo for the cover page of your fans with unique photo can roughly describe the business that you're involved with.

Then make the articles related to the object you want to promote. Reviews should preferably be deep and very detailed if necessary let your potential customers can understand se understand.

Do not forget to upload a photo also supporters and place it in an article page that you created it.

Make sure you always update your fan page articles on a regular basis, because this has to do with your fans page rank in the search engine google, bing or yahoo.

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# 4. response Comments

Usually when the fan page was launched it would appear some response from visitors in the form of a few comments. 

Make sure you can repay, because this is the forerunner to the flourishing number of visitors to your fans page.

The number of visitors to creep solid leads to online business website or fans of your page is a very promising opportunity to gain rupiah.


Fans page on face book account is a standalone pages provided providers face book to sustain its activities such as for anyone doing business online.

So it is very fortunate if as a Facebook user could use this facility.
How to make it very simple and does not require any special knowledge. Only four steps that need to be done, then I guarantee 100 percent you can make money.

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