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09 November 2016


If you're running a blog but do not earn a living from it, then it is suspect that you do not know how to make money from blogs. Because the blog traffic comes from visitors who are supposed to be an entrance ticket to making money in the internet world.

How come ?

Let your brain is sparkling and pithy, then I need to explain a little of this case. Blog traffic it is an inestimable opportunity for us to sell the advertising or promotion of products and services.

While it may be a product that is not yours, it can still room for you to earn a living

Your strategy should begin from a requirement

Maybe you feel free to try to make money through your business website. The fact is that if you've done the right thing, then your readers almost never know they are being offered something.

So try to think about whether your income to have been able to cover all of your monthly needs.

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If the answer is not, then it would not hurt you to try and find out a strategy to get money in the world of cyberspace.

9 Opportunities Earn Money from Blog.

If it does not say nonsense and a lousy liar, the results of my observations during this time then at least there are 9 different ways to earn money from a blog. In summary, as follows.

# 1. Promotion products sold on Amazon.

Amazon online is one of the largest digital marketers and is worldwide. They offer an affiliate program to anyone for partnering in terms of selling the products they have.

How it works, you simply register on their websites and affiliate program, having registered a list of download links any of the products according to your estimates sksn sold.

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Now when someone clicks on your link and buy it from Amazon, then automatically you already get a commission.

# 2. Follow PPC Program.

If previously in the affiliate program, the money will come when the product was purchased, but this time a little different, your money could be in your hand when someone clicks your ad belongs to (pay per click).

Just click advertising payment value was much smaller than the affiliate program. Some examples of the most famous PPC program and hunted many people it is google adsense and Chikita.

# 3. Write review.

Many companies know exactly that reviews a product from a third party will greatly affect the sales. From the consumer side, the product reviews will help them to make a decision to buy or not a product.

It honestly is a good opportunity for you to earn money. So you just offered to the company to write a review about their products.

# 4. Direct Marketing by Email.

Should not be considered trivial problem email list, this also includes sections chance to earn money. Why? Because they are so concerned about your website so they offer certain benefits if you tell them every time to post a new article.

You can use this opportunity to regularly offer products or services to them.

But do not be too greedy and often offer a product to their loyal customers you will quickly lift the leg, fled to know the email was just filled with promotional products.

# 5. Sell ​​advertising products.

Product advertising is closely associated with a site's rankings. The higher the rank of a site that offers banner advertising of a commercial enterprise will come.

This is an excellent opportunity and can be used as a weapon to get the money, but the size of the money obtained depending on the type of advertising that they offer and how popular your website belongs.

There are some signs to know your website is quite popular or not, that if you google red flag then it means your site rank very well, it was so easy also found through organic traffic.

# 6. Offer services.

The main bloggers who still smell young or newcomers, usually always focus on how to make their business website becomes popular.

So they desperately need help to write articles, blog management, arranging the layout of the website, keyword research etc. Here the chances are, if you have all of these skills, then you can partner with them to offer your services.

# 7. Selling e-book.
E-book has become a trend most votes online business. In addition to an easy way, also does not need capital money at all. Quite play ability if two fingers, then affairs make the e-book is guaranteed to sorted out.

Reviews of this has ever been uploaded in a previous post, so make sure you can read at the following link. 

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# 8. Got Money offline.
The way this one is based on the experience factor that you have. If someday you become successful because it can be a powerful businessman to make money from the internet universe, the experience was a chance to get money. 

Perhaps you will be invited to be a speaker at seminars and courses. Some people I know actually use their website as a stepping stone to develop their online business through classes held a large-scale businesses. 

# 9. Sell ​​your website (or anyone else). 
Point to nine, it might look a little crazy, but in fact this is the field of livelihood as well as to get money. 

Not everyone has the ability to create a website that looks professional, SEO, with the number of visitors that reach thousands of people. 

Well chances were there, you can earn money through how to build a website and sell it. It could also be the other way, that you simply buy a website that fails, optimized and then resell it.


Not crucial to get money from the internet world activity can be achieved by anyone. Many people already prove it, but your records must be serious and were full to do so. 

Plenty of options for how to get the money, as I have summarized into 9 above manner. To select which one, it depends on taste, flair and talent that you have.   
My advice, in order to directly feel the results, it helps you simply select one of two ways above. If it is successful, then proceed to the next way. 

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