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23 November 2016


Online business has become a business model that is much in demand by businesses. Undeniable, is due to the more widespread use of the Internet as a means of communicating.

But unfortunately not many people who can succeed in doing business online.

If observed, the issue is more due to their ignorance of how to conduct online business correctly and convincingly.

How To Start Online Business

To be able to start an online business properly so that it can make money then there are eight important steps that you need to know and do.

If there is one that is not done how?

A critical question, if you do not do one of them then I can only say do not inflict my head that problem someday if you do not get anything in the online business.

So what 8 that step?

# 1. Know Your Market

The market is a meeting place between the seller and the buyer. Given its function as it was the key to success in online business is to know what your market needs.

The more you know exactly what the market needs it is virtually 70 percent of your own success. The remaining 30 percent live concerning technical matters are fairly easy to overcome.

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To know what the market needs, then consider the in-depth product and observe what is needed but not available in the market or, if they provided only a small amount.

This is a very good opportunity to be exploited. You can take this position precisely, providing the market needs that are not able to be provided to others.

# 2. Register Your Domain Name

Online businesses never separated by domain name that shows your address on the internet.

There are many domain providers in the world with internet whether paid or free.

One of the domain provider is rumahweb.com. Please visit directly to the crime scene,

In fact you can also use a free subdomain like blogspot or wordpres, but this will result in:
  • url of your website will look so long
  • When will be moved to a paid domain, the potential loss of the flow of visits to the website will be wide open.
# 3. provide Hosting

Hosting is where you will store files (pictures, video) uploaded on your domain. Its function is no different from a hard drive that will accommodate all the data is stored.

Usually the domain provider as in point 2 domain and hosting is already making it into one package the product with the payment method to buy one free one.

That is, if you order a domain or hosting then only one of them is charged / year.

# 4. Creating a Business Website Online

It seems so difficult when we talk about making a website. Our mind is definitely filled with all manner of questions, if I have to know the language of the program first.

Not like that, you have two choices to create the website:

If you are proficient with tinkering template then you can create your own website.
If your knowledge is not able to reach in that direction, then the second option is to hire the services of a website designer. About the costs can be negotiated, quite cheap.

There are many websites that offer services to create a website for you, just type the keyword "services to create a website" in the search engines then immediately also will appear hundreds of sites service provider website

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# 5. Make Payment Methods
Very funny and silly if an online business is still using manual payment patterns such as transfer money via direct bank.

It could be that originally your consumers already interested in buying your product but returned to the attack when he arrived at the bank to see so dense creeping people queued conduct financial transactions.

There are three options that you can use in business transactions online.

a. Credit card

Currently the method of payment by credit card is already not new anymore. Many people use this facility to conduct banking transactions.

If you walk into the amazon site, apple store, google store, ebay then this credit card payment facilities they provide.

b. Paypal

This payment method is very popular and widely used in international transactions. The principal advantage lies in the paypal payment method of security is so high. Already as well as free monthly administration fee.

c. Debit cards online

A third method is actually not so much known many people. The reason, banks in Indonesia itself has not developed products this one as one of the online payment method.

However, different from foreign banks, online debit card method has been widely used. So no salahya you prepare well this kind of payment method.

I recommend that you use a debit card payment method Payoneer.
# 6. Prepare How to Send Products
Sending a customer orders a product in an online business are obligatory. Your reputation will be at stake is great in this case. There should be no suspicion of consumers who say you are one of the online fraudster.

Perhaps the only product ordered it, you really have to send but do it safely into the hands of consumers it is another matter.

Perhaps also the goods arrived safely but is still in good condition as at the beginning of the delivery.

It is becoming an important note, that not just any use delivery methods that do not provide security guarantees your product.

As far as is known, the method of product delivery through JNE is still the best. Already so is also equipped with an online control position of the goods when shipped.

Shipping rates throughout the region are also available openly and not concealed. So there is nothing wrong, you specify the method of delivery of this product using JNE services on his website.

# 7. Get Traffic to Your Website

Online business website is already available, it looks even okay, sparkling like an angel come down from heaven. But if empty then your online business website does not mean anything at all.

As a first step to attract visitors that then you should register your website these three search engines ie Google, Bing and Yahoo.

But that was not enough, there are other measures that you need to do so that traffic to your site can skyrocket.

This has been my review in a previous post.
# 8. Monitor your business

It is common knowledge, it would be a great business does not necessarily happen. It all started from small slowly began menggurita.

You have to underline this point, so that you need to monitor the movement of statistics and growth of your online business.

What should be on the monitor?

The number of visitors, the number of clicks is the main part that should be the focal point of your monitor.

You do not need to upset how to do it. Just use the features of webmaster tools provided by search engines google and bing then the problem will be answered.


Online business is already rife, and many experts say the leading marketing as the most popular business model of the 21st century.

However, if traced, not many people can be successful with this online business model. The reason, they did not use the correct ways to build their online business.

8 steps that have been previously parsed is the answer for businesses that want to plunge into the world of online business. I can be sure you will succeed if you consistently do.

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