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05 November 2016


The most coveted blogger anywhere in the world is just one, a blog that has had a lot visitors, like a market that is again flooded with orders buyers. Such high hope with optimism overflowing, may be okay but there are conditions which are quality articles published on the blog of quality okay.

The question is, how to produce an article that is ok and endeared readers? 

This section we will cover clearly. I believe, for those who have a hobby of writing would have been complete it by writing the correct order indexed search engine, but if it means powerful enough and appropriate to improve the position of our blog is another matter that must be proven.

Kick Key Articles

Therefore, make sure you've done 12 moves below before publishing the article.  
  1.  Have you made an interesting article title, scene and was able to invite the curiosity of readers?. Undo intention, if the title of an article published too sloping already so the sentence was also too long. 
  2. Have you engage the reader in the first paragraph of the article written? Remember someone will want to continue reading the article when the first paragraph has been featured a number of key questions to the reader. That is, the reader is positioned as the spirit of the articles we write. 
  3. Is the article published material and the actual issue is no benefit to the reader. If only alternating mock discuss the case with the equivalent word is too rigid as a scholarly work, it obtained the reader just incredible drowsiness. 
  4. Have articles you add photos, video and audio in it ? the results showed, the five senses of the human eye is always used first in the appeal of the five other inder. Thus, an article shall attach a photo, picture or video. 
  5. Have you installed an internal link in the article? Link will be very useful to explain to their search engines other articles that link to the object of the review is almost the same. 
  6. Have you installed the tags / keywords right from the article? For com domain, the tags are usually mounted after we finished writing an article, tujuanya so readers can easily find similar articles in our blog with the principal case that disparate thin. 
  7. Have you edit the permalink? Permalink related to the title of the article that we post. Search engines when crawl, will only read four syllables of an article title. So avoid using the title of the article is long and tiring, will be cut automatically by search engine robots. 
  8. Did you use subtitles in the article? Wrote a long article, it is well-liked search engines but will make the reader dizzy and struggled like chicken were beaten his opponent if there is no limit stop for a moment in an article. Subtitles, given as a respite to the reader to easily grasp the whole article. 
  9. Have you read the repeated spelling used in the article? Spelling mistakes sometimes led to different interpretations, so after writing articles must be re-read the entire contents. 
  10. Do contains articles are eternal or long term? That is what is discussed, it is estimated will always be the needs of readers in the long run 
  11. Has the object of the article discussed meet the goals that you want? This means that if this article is intended as a message to the reader to buy the products you offer, then Has it explains the advantages of the product. 
  12. Have you caught a glimpse of a whole related to the article? This includes the title, subtitles, tagging / keywords, etc.

It may look boring to read this article, but one thing I can guarante, you are already on the right track to become the author of the article quality.

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