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31 October 2016



Online Marketing by the Internet is a way of intelligent and scalable enough for you to be able to see the position of the business that you have. Simple proportion, namely in terms of how many consumers find your whereabouts.

High and low consumer traffic is an absolute requirement of a sales process, but unfortunately the traffic was not simultaneously have occurred also describe the process of buying or selling. ,

Unfortunately the present time, many online stores that come to the surface until you inevitably will be involved in the current competition between the online store.

I'm sure you'll want to make a quick exit from the competition wheel, is not it?

The key is just one that is marketing traffic. Many ways they can be broken actors to support online businesses in their online web traffic.

Some of the common ways is such with website optimization and blog content for search engines, using a system of pay-per-click, or create ads for the campaign through a fan page on social media.

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After a thorough work out a deal that traffic then the next step, you have to focus to serve your visitors coming to the site, although it is just a question and comments trivial. Why do visitors to the site should be served?

Not all the visitors who come to your site are interested in 100 percent of the products offered, so you must point it is clever to persuade them.

Should not you direct them to buy the product. Ask them to subscribe your newsletter via e-mail is part of a marketing strategy that is pretty good.

There are several proven methods and tactics that online able to increase the flow of customers to your online website.

Therefore you should take the time to carefully plan online marketing strategies on the Internet.

If not done well, then you've made a mistake unforgivable that will drain time, energy costs even owned.

That marketing on the internet is different in many respects with conventional marketing model, but did not rule out also there are some strategies that remain the same and must be present in order to online marketing.

Key Components of Online Marketing

When a marketing deal almost happened and then suddenly disappear without a trace. Do you know what happened such a thing?

The answer is a tangle of human interaction you who may be less satisfactory or perhaps even worse.

Try to imagine for a second, how when a customer entered the store in the physical sense, they meet and interact with employees in sales.

Each other face to face directly and more than 90% establish normal communication between the two. But the situation is different and difficult to obtain in the online marketing model.

Verbal communication can not be done, and instead helped by using an application.

The key question you should ask yourself is How do you build interaction with your potential customers so as to provide feedback effects in the sales process?

Online Marketing Strategies

Given the limitations of the online marketing model compared to conventional marketing model, then some ultimate weapon that you must do is:

# 1. Provides Photo / Video products

This section is no need to debate and legitimate ensure that communication can be established through the sensory organs of the eye.

Photo or video quality is okay, certainly will give visual representation to clients about the shape, the color of the products offered. Therefore be sure, a photo / video is presented in a clear, not blurred and it is.

# 2. Shared to Social Media

Evolving the rapid growth of social media users in the world of this planet, then it becomes a very powerful leverage in online marketing.

Recorded at the Ministry of Communications and Information Indonesia that the number of Internet users in Indonesia until 2015 has reached 63 million people and 95 percent use the Internet to access such as social media, facebook and twitter.

So it is very silly and stupid if facilities are not ogled social media as a potential market that have promising opportunities to improve online marketing.

How to ?

The most common way is by increasing the number of friends on their social media accounts. But unfortunately, the amount is limited to the figure of 5000 people.

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But do not lose sense, how is it could be any other free to join as much as possible through social media groups that have been widely scattered.

For the most effective way and able to reach more potential customers, then you should use a paid way which makes fans page on social media accounts which then create creative that leads to their online sites.
# 3.Subcribe Email

Email can also be used as the entrance to expanding access to online marketing of your product. Evident from the results of research conducted by RR.Vidyawati NN et al, concluded their email marketing significantly to the internet has information processing products.

# 4. Product Review From Third Party

Review or reviews about your products from third parties should not be underestimated. In fact they review that can affect the decision of a consumer, so buy it or not.

It was revealed from a study dimensional research as uploaded on the official website, that 90 per cent of consumer decisions are the result of reading reviews of a product.

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The same is found also on the results of local research brigth located in the United States and Canada found 79 percent of consumers' opinion is influenced by a business review.
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By looking at these facts, it is a strategy that you can employ is to ask someone to do a review of your product. It would be great if that person is already using your product directly.

# 5. Unearth Trademarks

Other people will never know what your product trademark if no one told him.

In social psychology this process is called mere-exposure effect (effect of exposure) is a phenomenon in which people tend to develop his choice to choose a brand because they feel familiar and intimate.

According to the results of research in a number of sources say people will choose a trademark when exposed to as much as 4 times. Then there is no excuse for not diligent advertise your product.


Stretching online marketing models has been nothing new in the world of digital marketing. Many business professionals are competing to market their products online. Not because of a lifestyle reasons, but the main reason of capital is required only if the ability of two fingers.

But beyond that, you have to be disciplined to run five strategies as already disclosed previously in order to obtain an online marketing that is really optimal.

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