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13 October 2016


A few days later I read a lot about TIPS & TRICKS Blog,  and instead of adding even more confused to understand. How i would to understand those tips and tricks, for all different although there are also still the same, did not know what the person writing copy and paste the results or outcome of by ghost struggle.

One of the many interesting topics milling about in no man's nature is concerned appearance Blog.   

The story of  reading tips n tricks that are distributed the clickers, i am not   quite catch my attention. 

However, because of its frequency to read the same topic with Tips and Tricks different then the question arises right where?. Why are so important issue appearance blog should be discussed, the blogger was said because it is associated with  Traffic blog. I finally found an answer to a capital of a simple logis.

Opinions Blogger
Use colors that attractive for example red, green pokoe (including black lho) striking colors, the image / banner is too much, Widget will slow performance when loading the blog so that the influence of the visitor (not guests are invited) will get bored and end up on the visit of the declining traffic.

My opinion
There is truth in this opinion but not the underlying explanation for a more rational, why?? Generally, the computer either in the form of Tablet PC, Notebook, Desktop circulating now and used as a means of surfing fun to have a fairly technical specifications SUPERIOR.  

Consider the specification of computer you have, how much memory capacity, what type of processor, Grafic cardnya how, how many RPM hard drive is used.  

That's all peripherals khan duntuk sufficient to support browsing access. Not to mention the added speed internet access in the set of network quality and bandwicth (flow data) provided by the provider.

Well then if you follow the general opinion that milling is then so surely you will not give priority to aspects of appearance on the blog. The use of standard colors only and tend to choose a light color (white), use of widgets in the barbershop was an all-out and so on. And if this is happening whether we will increase the traffic?

I have other logic ... if you want to shop, the story you want to buy an apple, do you think it's a good apple like what? the answer is definitely not an apple that caterpillars eat holes in the color still looks quite interesting and fresh, right?

Other logic, You do not have money, aka puppy stuff but you've got something that you want to offer to others ... let's suppose your appearance while offering modest dress goods, underwear worn and torn at the knee as well (not in the ass you know) what happened, so definitely Not Convincingin reject and customer and view finder. 

Although already an all-out campaign,  foam in his mouth, not in going to hear, they just think this is crazy!! The same logic of these two assumptions can be applied in improving important traffic means appearance  Blog or Blog improve loading performance blog. Which one that your to be choice.

My advice use both of them, Appearance Blog middle  made at the level, use of color, images, widgets as effectively as possible, but do not eliminate the total  so that together we will increase the traffic Blog,
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