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25 September 2016


We're not talking about marriage  Aming and Evelyn were excited and stir the public. Not about Mario accused Kiswinar, the father was not responsible.

The focal point  this time is imagination, or fantasy.

According to Ibn Arabi in his book mutakhayyilah, imagination be termed the mind's eye.

We leave for a moment about the mind's eye, many successful people on this earth, be phenomenal because it departs from the imagination and fantasies outstanding.

For instance, wright brothers about human fantasy can fly, which eventually became the entrance baffle with the discovery of the aircraft.

Readers, every man undeniably has the imagination or extraordinary imagination. But is it love or was not used, it is another matter again.

From where it flows imagination?

Brain Source Imagination

Unravel the tangled threads of imagination is not too troublesome. If you love to read, then the imagination topic will be found in the references presented by experts of the brain.

One of them spoken by psychobiologist Roger W Sperry American in his research in 1960. That left and right brain has a different way of working.

It describes right brain deals with matters of creativity, equality, fantasy, shape or space, emotion, music and color, lateral thinking, unstructured, and tend not to think about things too much detail.

While the left brain identified with the usual neat, different, numbers, sequence, writing, language, calculation, logic, structured, analytical, mathematical, systematic, linear, and step by step.

So it is quite clear, that imagination will flow from the skull of us through the right hemisphere.

Wild imagination

Imagining what is the right of every person, from trivial matters or even exceptional cases capable of surprising the world.

What the latter, not many people are willing and able to do so. Flogging hundreds of calories to just fantasize the impossible and unreasonable.

One is like this, ever imagine that there are two different types of animals that later united? The form will be like?

Let's look at the following picture :  
Shark - Birds
 Goat - Butterfly

 Frog - Crocodile
 Bee - Lion

Could, animals such as the above will be entrenched in the earth?

Imagination may be high and without limit, but whether it can be realized. Wait a minute, it took a very long time to break through the limits of normal human abilities.

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