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29 September 2016


Has become a culture and tradition of the Japanese Yakuza mafia member since 100 years ago when making a mistake then it must do what is called yubitsume or cut fingers.

The tradition is so strong cutting a finger is maintained and enforced hereditary. But eventually banned the traditions and even then the Government of Japan since 1991.

Taking place at the headquarters of the Kurume City Dojinkai Fukouka ban was issued by the Public Safety Commission of Japan.

Not only in Japan are familiar with the tradition or culture's cutting a finger. In our country Indonesia, traditions like these are easily found in the eastern parts of Indonesia of Papua.

As one of the areas rich in natural resources, it turns Papua region is also popular with the unique traditions of the tribes living in the area.

Not less than 20 tribes living in the territory of Papua with the uniqueness of each tradition. One of the uniqueness of these is the tradition of cutting a finger on the ruler Dani Jayawijaya mountains.

History Of Dani Tribe

Papua Dani tribe was first noticed one of them through the Lorentz expedition from the Netherlands in the years 1909-1910. But the expedition has been no communication at all between Dani with members of the expedition.

Later in 1935, an investigator from the United States Richard Archold begin communicating directly with Dani.

Dani tribe is led by a tribal chief huge commonly called Ap Cain. Besides, there are three other chiefs who are under great chieftain was called Ap. Menteg, Ap. Horeg, and Ap Ubaik Silimo

Tradition Cut Finger

Happenings tradition of cutting a finger Dani actually only occurs when there is a family member who died. So essentially, not every time there is a tradition like this.

I dare not imagine for families who have family members who pretty much, could run out of all the fingers cut off.

Why fingers should be cut?

In the views and assumptions Dani, finger interpreted as a symbol of harmony, unity and strength in man as well as a family.

Suck known to us all the fingers will be able to function perfectly if mutually cooperate with one another

So if we lost one finger, certain powers of hand will be reduced.

Back again, as well as in the tradition of cutting a finger Dani, the loss of a family member because of death, they are considered to have lost a source of strength. It is realized by cutting one of his fingers.

The form of their grief over the death of a family member will be eliminated in line with the recovery that has cut the finger.

So, how dani tribe cut off her finger?

Many ways in which to perform the ritual dani rate cut this finger. Commercial use of sharp objects such as axes, knives (blade can not).

There's also a member of the tribe dani do it by biting off his knuckles or even bind tightly with a rope to a new segment numb fingers after it was cut.

In terms of cultural tourism, strange and unique traditions like this deserves to be preserved because only one in Indonesia.


The tradition of cutting a finger is not only in Japan, Indonesia's own tradition is often done Papua Dani tribe.
This tradition is usually done moments of mourning in which if any of their family members who have died, the ritual of cutting a finger will do.

This tradition is quite unique, and only by Dani Papua so it will be interesting if this tradition can be one culture  in Papua travel. 
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