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03 September 2016


Perhaps you have experienced sitting front of the computer screen darling with a blank stare. Want to write an article again but had run out of material to write, the brain was freezing but you are quite aware of your obligations as a true blogger, you should write

Writers block.

Try to stop your mind to think very scary and it is not advisable to do. But when you try to write again felt everything was dark and impasse. And what you have to reinvent the flow of your writing?

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Is it necessary to take more time off? The way is not good because when you wake up, the problem was still there, the mind remains deadlocked. That you must do to loosen yourself by letting the silly side was out for some time to let creative ideas that could reveal itself.

17 Ways Looking For Ide

This paper, my search results to some of the leading article author's web site. What do they do when the wits to write. The following do some things they do even though it looks ridiculous:

  1. Talking directly with fans readers of your article. It will provide a new source of inspiration for you about things that are favored by your fans. At least what they say may be considered a matter of writing you later   
  2. Use different ways of writing. During this time you may write an article often use Microsoft word then it is better you need to change that habit to write a post that article directly on your own blog. Changing the font selection of times roman or arial to other options, change the color of the letters as your favorite color is some decent stuff you also try to do. It seems silly, but is there a miracle how little things like that will help you when writing articles. 
  3. Visit your old family or friends. If you have family and friends who live far longer it's good initiative to visit them. We recommend using public transport to go there as a bus, train or plane and do not carry a notebook, but only a piece of paper and pen. Later during the journey to challenge myself to write a short article before arriving at the destination. 
  4. Drink a cup of coffee. Many health experts say caffeine coffee is not good for health, but you know with a cup of coffee during the journey will strengthen our concentration for a few moments to write a short article. 
  5. Stop plotting your posting articles. Your habit  likes to make the outlines of writing an article to be very time-consuming and energy levels. So start writing based on what occurred in the heart and mind when you're somewhere. 
  6. Give a surprise to yourself. Let your mind wander, distracted by the things you may have never experienced before. Do not spend time reading books, other people's blog posts or comments berkesiuran in social media. Try to take the time to watch a movie, television or perhaps go to a museum, exhibition, bazaar, music performances, certain events that are berlangsung.Ini will really help open up creative ideas. Remember, the creative process was unpredictable and very mysterious, who will never know when, where she will appear. 
  7. Writing in a different time. Prominent writers such as Haruki Mirakami and John Grisham have a fixed schedule for writing. It was good in terms of planning time, because it means all of the time they have already their own activities. But as a result, we will lack the inspiration to write the article. Routines are scheduled to be gradually eroding the space of creativity to find new ideas are more scattered out there. 
  8. Start writing in a different places. Leave your desk that has always faithful to accompany, it is elixir to find your creative ideas. Bring your notebook to a place that you think fun, such as a garden, then write  there. 
  9. Go to a bookstore. This method not mean you have to buy a book, but when she reached the bookstores, please pay attention and read the table of contents of each book should not read too far to find fresh ideas writing articles. Do not leave the bookstore before finding 10 pieces of ideas of your blog posts. 
  10. Wash the dishes. Sometimes an idea born in the shower or bath when big waste but it is not a guarantee. What if you have no intention to the bathroom whether it should be imposed? Then try doing other routine tasks like folding laundry or washing clothes eating, this can help also relax the mind so that ideas can emerge. 
  11. See your old photo album. photographs in an album will remind us of the events of the past, what happened at that time, with whom you are dealing and other things. This is a window that can connect to the ideas of creative thinking. So it would not hurt you to do. 
  12. Stop worrying about grammar. Trying to write a perfect article posting it extremely difficult, especially when busy thinking about the grammar used in the article. So I want to say, write an article in the style of your own grammar later after finished writing, then do the editing process. 
  13. Give to Comments on social media. Everyone knows social media such as facebook, twitter, google plus merupkan a best time wastage. But if you get caught losing the idea of ​​writing articles, then social media can be a mine rich in valuable ideas. Take your time for a moment to comment and ask a few questions to some social media so that citizens will find good ideas from them. 
  14. Starting from middle. When  started writing, often the author of the article blog loss for words for the opening of the first paragraph, and it became number one obstacle to the process of writing. So write what was already there in your mind, do not need to be too focused on a perfect opening of the article you wrote. 
  15. Reread your articles. When finished writing and editing, then re-read the article you wrote just to recall the storylines you've collated. It is undeniable that human beings naturally have forgetfulness, so need a way to read back the results of our writing. Who knew there were other ideas that have not been included. 
  16. Take time to rest.  One of secrets to creative thingking is taking a time when you write Spend five minutes to stare out the window. standing outside on the patio or balcony and listen for traffic. or watching the clouds float. 
  17. Stealing ideas. Austin Kleon a leading author in the world in his book "steal like an artist" never said all the creative ideas that appear based on what came before. So read posts from other blogs, after obtaining new ideas and mix with the ideas of scientists, artists. The point is not to copy directly, but rather have a combination of ideas among fellow writers.
In conclusion:

Writing regularly will make us a while trapped lose the idea to write again. This situation is not very good, so it must be done in ways silly, strange and unusual in order to find the back of fresh ideas.

17 Source idea to write a guide that has been put into practice some of the leading textbook authors in the world and the results are very potent and efficacious. There is no harm in trying.

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