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19 August 2016


Ha ... ha ... tingling taste if I recall methods of fraud emanated by a woman named "Anitha Johnson" complete with a photo of himself that was sent to me by  email. Here's the story, a few days ago I received an email (do not know where I got the e-mail address) contents laments life in refugee camps as a result of the civil war senegal. Reading Reviews These complaints, i was give supoort to anitha, looking for the best chance of survival.

To send and answer emails Often did not feel we were doing and in essence in the anitha another email Tells his late father deposit amount of $ 5.3 million (40 billion). This money can not be owned by anitha due to the laws of the country senegal not allow it. To prove that it right  Reviews their money then I am given the bank address as below:

- & Gt; Standard Chartered Bank Plc United Kingdom.
Name of the transfer officer Sands Mr.Peter.
Telephone number: 0044-703-196-9853
fax number 0044-700-5931-149

and I was asked to send an email to the transfer officer (Peter Sands) to confirm the problem remittance procedure to me. The answer from my peter sands are asked to complete Several documents such as power of attorney from anitha, certificate of death of the father anitha etc. This request I told anitha and the answer was to contact his lawyer like this:

- & Gt; Bar (Dr) Duke Ashman.
Phone Number: + 221-767472818
E maill address: (brashmanduke@yahoo.com)

This request was I did, and I was given an explanation for the pay documents that I'm prepared (a power of attorney, etc.). Of course, I submit this request to anitha and the answer is definitely asked me to pay in advance using my money. ha ... ha where the mode of deception is so smooth, slippery as an eel. For people Whose brains already pestered with money what else is worth billions already Likely to follow this request. The important lesson you take and do is:

  1. Do not be quick to believe by people you do not know,
  2. Make a proper analysis Offender leitmotif.
  3. Perform a search through the search engine that the address given Offender
Hopefully, this experience can be useful to a reader

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