26 July 2016


Perhaps you have experienced it, when it is in an enclosed area such as elevators, people beside you suddenly sounds familiar heard, what else if not fart. Would be a problem if it smelled a fart issued for mercy, profanity is definitely going to fly without mercy to the source of the air pollution.
Readers, no man on earth who does not fart, including you, me and everyone out there. But has it ever occurred to your mind, why is there a fart that smells and others not? This is closely related to food in the food?There is also a stack of myth says hold fart is not healthy, maybe the act of myth is to occur tragedy fart haphazard, including in the elevator.  

But at the other end, not about the facts about farts smell alone but actually have a crack innovations that can be considered physicists to make a bomb. 

Kinds Fart 

The origin of the actual farts triggered from the air we swallow when eating or drinking then trapped in the body and then seeping into the intestines filled with spoilage bacteria. 

That's where chemical reactions occur and then produce gas, in the form of 1% hydrogen sulfide and mercaptan sulfur. Sulfur or sulfur which causes farts smells rotten. 

Readers, so the higher levels of sulfur present in your body then it is definitely smelly farts for mercy. The critical question, where sulfur was able to come? The answer of the meal, beans, cabbage, soda, cheese and eggs are the source of most high sulfur content.

Facts fart

The results showed, the average normal human fart 14 times a day, in a conscious or asleep. And based on gender, women who tend to appeal more fart in men. 

There is an interesting fact of this fart, if there are scientists who bit crazy and inspired gathering of fart gas is for 6 years and 9 months it can be produced an equivalent energy of the atomic bomb. 

That is a myth resist unhealthy fart as revealed earlier, there is some truth. We like put a bomb in the body that hold fart with symptoms like bloating which could be potentially the emergence of distended intestine.  

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But that does not mean because of holding fart unhealthy, we continue to casually fart. I could have slapped you if you dare to fart in front of people who no longer eat. 

Fart is a job 

As far as is known, the Indonesian people themselves still think, people who fart public is very disrespectful. But unlike the notion out there, for the Yanomami tribe indian USA, fart is a greeting. so, if you do not fart during a visit, you are considered brash.

In China alone bamboo curtain, making the olfactory smell of flatus as a fairly high-paying jobs but for health purposes. 

The smell of gas released from the stomach and gastrointestinal tract medically we can show all manner of disease in tubuh. 

Isn't too surprising that people are adequately trained and skilled in the art has an average salary of about 45 million / month.If you know a fart smell paid so high, if you just have the guts to carry out the work on this one? the answer is in yourself.

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