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27 June 2016


Doing selfie today has become a kind of culture that often do. Because, not only being sex women who like the boisterous action selfie, a man turned out so well. One thing that clings to limit my awareness of where and who is doing this selfie first time in the world. Can anyone explain in detail the history of this selfie?
Apart from the matter of history, the actions should be recognized selfie very easy to find in all situations, places and styles. The point selfie in the present more to tell the world increasingly muktahirnya human lifestyle. The problem is, if you just know the consequences of actions that selfie? This point, I'm pretty sure not many people know, even though he was classified as an intelligent man who stamped a walking encyclopedia. To make sure that you continue to read this article. To be more ok information, I think need to be disclosed facts selfie beginning of this action.

Selfie begins

Trace from official sources on the site nationalgeographic.co.id, we are told that this selfie was first performed by a photographer Robert Cornelius in 1839 in a family-owned store in Philadelphia, United States. It is certain that it only be done when using a camera, which is different from the past are now using a camera phone.There was a funny incident robert selfie this so I was not able to withstand the most beautiful smile this vein. How do selfie pursued the case like a mad dog, by robert selfie done by removing the cover of the camera and then sprinting to the front of the camera, though drawn a picture of himself.I do not dare to imagine, if selfie such models are still used in the era of increasingly low overhead this, certainly group grandfather / grandmother just going to be a spectator especially if it is exacerbated by disease uric acid and the like, be assured definitely helpless, unable to do anything ,The term selfie itself from my search results, first appeared in 2002 from our neighboring countries Australia in ABconline forum. Nathan hope was the one who first used this term then slowly the term rages to this day. Actually there is another perception similar but less popular selfie namely selcas (self camera) but I do not discuss at this time. 

Danger Selfie 

Caught a glimpse of the activities of this selfie ordinary, normal and full colored by narcissistic suit your tastes and desires are willing to do so. But behind the activities of the health and beauty of your skin is actually in danger point. It turned out the light and radiation from the smartphone can bring damaging effects that culminate skin becomes wrinkled skin quickly, so the results of a study released by indiatimes.com. 

A dermatologist from the British Simon Zoakei not dismiss and confirmed these findings, he said the blue light of a gadget capable of damaging the skin. "Spoken Further, the electromagnetic waves can damage the skin's DNA and disrupt the process of regeneration of cells so that your skin wrinkles observed. 

So I want to point out here, if your skin looks dull and getting older, so this could cautions that must be given extra attention. And specifically women, which forbids him being labeled not beautiful, after knowing this case may have no intention to stop the total of the action selfie. My advice, let his hands do not itch to no good cell phone selfie replaced with not using the camera.

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