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15 March 2013


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Not much different from what I experienced while writing this post, browse cool while sitting in front of a bunch of pc's favorite idea through in my mind, I thought of two years ago would be an idea to plant a tree which I summarize as "Gold". Why do I say that? (As if there was a tree of gold). 

Logic sanity I conclude that the golden tree hunters is very much even put down  lives in the virgin forest. How can!! price per kg of gold in the trade chain can reach tens of millions of dollars that the same applies to the type of tree. where the price/ kg for the category of the worst qualities in value 7-10 million / kg and super quality can reach Rp. 50 / kg.

Aloe is a precursor or raw materials perfume makers generally is preferable in the middle east. The high demand for pig aloes that are not balanced by its availability in the market due to lack of peasant farmers has soared  selling price reached millions.  

Ages harvested aloe plant is fairly short at least 5-6 years experience in the two last time I cultivate this plant that the plant will quickly grow on land with the trees means you if interested menanem then make sure the location that will be planted quite shady.  

If one location is open then cultivated at the time of planting this crop is protected by sacks of cement that did not receive direct radiation from the sun.

If you are interested, then I provide gaharu seedlings quilaria mallacencis types and kinds girinops. Both types of this kind of super quality gaharu seedlings that have the ability to grow very fast in comparison to other types of aloes.  

The price I offer 20,000 rupiah (outside of postage). Please contact me via the comments field or email directly to sofyanto_mep@yahoo.com
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