03 September 2012


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For the general public, would have a foreign goods if the hearing related to "Treasure" and imagined in his brain shell is valuable possessions either gold, silver, antique or something else of value. It's said the greatest discovery in Indonesia treasures are the findings of the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries in 2011 in the form of more than a thousand antique urn ming dynasty and ancient money. 

Indonesia's marine area, the history is a traffic hub of trade foreign vessels so not surprisingly holds the potential "hidden treasure". Call it a port that has 137 points queen treasure, Malacca Strait with 37 points, with 57 points Arafura Sea. and much more.

But not only the sea that holds the potential "Treasure", but the land also have the same potential and are currently hunting like in the "hunter" is a treasure trove of Sukarno. 

It was said (information that is not clear) that Soekarno many stores  treasures throughout the archipelago, namely yellow sari with different shapes, platinium (white gold). 

Happenings know this through word of mouth, I became interested to know. Obviously driven by the motivation to "get rich quick" ha .. ha .. ha. (Crazy Cats). 

Like crazy people hear strange things a little bit, I immediately drove to the location (of course with the crew), day and night no longer ignored risky even to the loss of life ever done. Anyway "Living treasure" .. after approximately adventure almost 2 years, but certainly I find little things that somewhat strange as shown below

<alt img src='gambar.jpg' width='100' height='100' alt='Treasure bulshit'/>
He said the item is unique and bin platinium magic. Within the limits of my consciousness, thought about what such stufs made. 

Yet the reality is not sold in the sale, because after the test does not contain anything. Anything else termed yellow sari with a round shape and stamped with eagle and pictorial complete with code Soekarno 24 K, after doing the testing did not contain anything. 

If so well called "Treasure bulshit" course, only makes people drool uncontrollably  not  plus countless crazy. 

This experience is an important lesson to take the lesson in, do not undergo any work that is not clear and is only based on the neighboring doves story because in the end you also are disadvantaged either time, energy, and money
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