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21 January 2012


Seeing   the title of this post all readers may be wondering what the meaning of the title.  Picture or jpg image with a variety of formats. Gif. Png, bmp is one of the   accessories that are often used when creating a   blog or also in the post will be undertaken.   

Can be understood that the use of such attributes of the main aims to beautify the look of the blog or for the purpose of explaining the material content of posts made.   

Yet know, that the use of images or images that may affect the   score seo blog that we have. Placement of images or image when creating a blog or post   it is automatically the structure of the script in the body of   the blog you can see through the edit menu html would be arranged by itself.  

If you look carefully at the structure of the script associated to the image or images used tesebut   not use the attribute "alt", The file is considered as a component directly from our blog. 

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Why must use the attribute "alt" to make legible the answer because the browser does not support the   display images. 

Google is not like this that will impact on the declining quality of SEO on a blog. Tips you should consider:
  1. The use of images or images to a minimum with a unique name 
  2. Make sure the image or images used atriibut not generic like image1, gif1, jpg1  
  3. Avoid using images as link anchor text da should choose to link 
  4. Suggested picture or image that is in use stored in a directory just like picasa
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