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10 September 2011


Not many people know how to work PENSION from farmers, some people with sarcasm saying oh NOT POSSIBLE, IMPOSSIBLE or other terms that smells pessimistic. The term pension is only known at  among civil servants at the time a person has reached the maximum age pursuant to the 56-year civil service rules and that's when the question was no longer working and still receive income from the government.  

Would an event like this can be applied in the work environment as a farmer? The answer is CAN, depending on the type of commodity in processed by a farmer One of commodities of high economic value and can be utilized to achieve the retirement is a commodity crop EAGLEWOOD.  

Eaglewood is a plant that is used as material for perfumes, incense, etc. at a price per kilo the range of Rp. 5 million s.d 30 million. The high cost of commodities is caused by cultivation is quite complicated so it is rare to find high-quality gaharu.  

The average time required for the cultivation of aloes from planting until harvest is 5 years or more. If a farmer can plant 20 trees with an estimated average/tree aloes aloes 10 kg pig acquire it will be found 200 kg of gaharu.  

Assuming the price is the middle class pig aloes Rp. 10 million then at times with 200 kg will be obtained the amount of income a farmer of Rp. 20 billion.  

This value is in the average living expenses / month approximately Rp. 5 million for 40 years then it means that a farmer does not need to work again PENSION 
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