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20 June 2011



A lot of people who have complaints of health problems, ie bad breath odor (Halitosis), bad breath is usually caused by a disturbance in the oral cavity, nasal cavity or in the throat. If the interference is not eliminated bad breath resulting course was not going to go away. 

Disorders that frequently occur in the oral cavity is a Tartar (Calculus), although it has repeatedly brushed tartar is hard loss, but taken out with a special tool by the dentist:). Tartar can lead to dental problems and gum disorders and often emit unpleasant odors. Other disorders that often occur in the oral cavity is a thrush or stomatitis and dental cavities (caries Dental). 

Disorders of the nasal cavity is often the case is chronic nasal congestion due to colds (polyps). Usually the symptoms that often arises is sneezing and mouth issued a bad odor. While in the cavity of the throat of the most common is inflammation of the tonsils or tonsils are infected, so removing the stench. 

Other causes stemming from the waste water digestion is irregular or absence of disease in the stomach can also cause the release of bad breath is not good. So roughly where the cause is among the many causes. Certainly should see a doctor so you'll know what causes it and bad breath will disappear by itself.

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