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23 June 2011


One of the causes that cause our blog traffic less visitors is the existence of broken links or links that are disconnected on the page posting articles. Of course such a thing is not expected by the owner, therefore need a way out the right and accurate in order to overcome the problem broken links.

Source Broken Links

Based on my own experience, the source of broken links is one of them caused by repetition of publication of article post. Initially the article has been published but because you feel there is something inappropriate on the post page, you change the title of the article and published again.

The result is that the first publication you do on the same post will already be indexed by search engines so that it is stored in cache memorynya and second publication as the results of the improvement will not be indexed again.

Other sources, can come from other link sites where your blog may exchange links.
But it turns out that blog has never updated the article again.

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I have high confidence you may have encountered a 404 error message when visiting a site. This is a sign of broken links to the site.

To solve the problem broken links like this is quite easy that is to remove the initial publication that has been done on the cache memory search engine using the tool webmastertool innate google.

Impact of Broken Links

If you often play with webmastertools innate google it would be amazed to see the google index section.
Usually in the section the number of articles posted and the number of indexed google different.

Why is it like that ?

The reason for broken links that already many detected by the robot google search so that automatically affect the number of posts indexed articles.

Indeed, the number of articles posted and indexed search robots google should be as much.

Therefore, avoid exchanging links between blogs because we do not know whether the owner is serious to manage his blog or not. Then, do not like to change the title of the article frivolously and blindly.

In terms of visitors to a site, I think there are 3 impacts that can arise due to these broken links:

  1. Disappointment, that's for sure because the page searched does not show up. 
  2. There is a memorable mode of deception that is being held so that automatically the trust of visitors is very low 
  3. Search engines will give a bad assessment for your blog, they will stamp the blog that is not professional
How To Know Broken Links

But of course we will never know, how many broken links that exist in our blog.
If it's just about the amount, it's not the way a professional blogger.

Good thing now has many tools online application that can be used to know there is or not broken links in blog and how many amount.

What are the online applications?

For those who seriously want to use it, try taking a walk to some of these sites.
  1.  http://www.brokenlinkcheck.com
  2.  http://www.deadlinkchecker.com
  3.  http://validator.w3.org/checklink
Put your blog url in the checklink form on the 3 sites and enter. If in your blog found broken links it will be marked with red.
Check and remove broken links Through Webmastertools
This way I recommend more, because no need to bother again to check and remove broken links by using some applications. Simply done using one app and in one location only, two issues will be completed at once.
The steps that need to be done are:
  1. Log in to your blogger account
  2. Select Diagnostics then crawl errors
  3. After found the error link then download all sources on this is site
  4. Go to site configuration and select crawl acces
  5. Click Remove URL and select new remove request
  6. Enter one by one url that has been downloaded before
  7. Once completed then automatic search engine will eliminate all broken links contained in your blog 
What if the broken links were left alone not deleted?
In my opinion do not do crazy ideas like that, because the influence of broken links very strongly against SEO.
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