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31 May 2011


Natural phenomenon that one is somewhat strange, weird unique magic bin that rarely happens. In a number of visual media in television also aired this god road excitement, the way god, why ?  

Somewhat rare and difficult to explain in science and god only one who knows the answer. Geologists are also difficult to ensure with certainty, why a vehicle is off the engine can run by itself.  

Is there genderuwonya times, not taulah. In saying there is a magnetic field around the street but after testing the experts do not in fact exist. That fact of nature that occurs in Baturaden Navan

A funny place at this become tourist attractions, the arena of trial and error the driver and shot officer with his official car patrolis prove this natural wonder. 

The phenomenon is popular with the term 'Jabal Magnet, until now still in the research.  

Researchers geology Faculty of Science and Engineering Unsoed Navan. M. Aziz, said that there is no magnetic field around this place either below the surface, on the right or left side on top.
Finally, it was concluded that this natural phenomenon is a trick of visionHowever, this conclusion, not to dampen the enthusiasm of citizens to simply prove the greatness of 'road magnets' this. 

Not a few also provide mystical commentary, peppered with stories of mystique that would seem more fantastic aroma of the phenomenon 'road magnet'is, and ultimately created a new tourist sites for local tourists who'd never run out of visitors.

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