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31 May 2011



Every professional blogger is always very hoping to get free money from his site. But the bad news it is not easy, in addition to having to post quality articles, also has a fairly high blog traffic so that crowded visitors. To realize the special big dream mentioned last, then the point of attention aimed at how to increase blog traffic but not using the ways that are prohibited by google.

The easiest way is to imitate the way spiderman works. I'm sure a lot of the bloggers who watch this spiderman movie.  

But not about the movie that we will review here, but what is often done by spreading spider webs while being busy working.

How Spiderman Works

The spiderman streotype actually refers to the spider's working pattern which is then elevated to the big screen. The spider itself is a creature that is small, cute, cute. 

Well, it is said that spiders who can build a net along the 25 meters this called  Spider Bark with the size of his body approximately 3-4 cm. It is unlikely that small animals can build such a large net.

The question is why do spiders like to build their webs and even the size can reach 25 meters? Today your net has been accidentally damaged, but strangely the next morning when we woke up, the net was gone.

The answer to this question they just want to be food. By spreading the net as big as possible in expecting many prey who can enter the trap.

It's a smart way to work, so it's no wonder the bigger the network is built then the chances of getting prey in large portions will be more wide open.

If a spider is capable and knows how to work intelligently as if this creature has reason to think, why we humans do not learn from a spider. Today we are working hard to build our network but one day we will just wait for the prey into the network that

we build is not it ???

Blog Crowded Visitors

Likewise for the beginner bloggers, the key
so that  the blog crowded visitors is to build a network. The point here, blogs that you have a relationship between other blogs, with a blog that has a niche that is almost similar.

What is the purpose?

The goal is just one, so that your blog traffic can skyrocket sharp so that really crowded visitors.

There are various ways that can be used to build a network, between blogs, please select:

1. Exchange links

Exchanging links between blogs is easy, prepare first anchor text that you will exchange with other blogs. Anchor text is an important part of SEO that determines the ranking of a site in search engines. The question of how to make anchor text that has been discussed several sites, you can investigate it yourself

Continue, I assume you have made the anchor text, the next step visit on blog or other sites nichenya similar to your own.

Find the exchange link and follow the instructions already included in the menu.

The more you do this link exchange will be the better because it will increasing reputation or ranking your blog.

But unfortunately, this link exchange is also a culprit of the emergence of broken links. The reason, who knows the blog owner is not a serious manage his blog as rarely update the article, it is very potential to occur broken links. 

As a result, our blog rankings are influenced too, sagging its ranking in search engines.

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So pay attention really the blog that the goal  link exchange, whether the owner is serious or not.

2. Comment on other blogs

The second way to build networks between blogs is to comment on other blogs or sites. This method is common, but many do not understand the benefits of commenting on other people's blogs or sites.

Our goal is to get backlinks from the blog owner.
Commenting do not be arbitrary, there is a way to let our comments will be approved displayed the owner of the blog or site.

Stages commented
  1. Find out which of your articles will be given backlinks from other sites.  
  2. Copy paste the existing url at the top of the browser 
  3. Visit a blog that has an article that is almost similar to what we reviewed.
Look at the end, whether the comment form is or not, If anything, write what your comment about the contents of the article. Do not forget the contents of your name, email address and copy and paste the url that you have taken earlier in point number one.

Commenting on many blogs or sites then it means you are spreading the net. Successful bloggers are no different than a spiderman, who has a very network wide, big and so sturdy. 

Do this continuously and be prepared to receive the return on our hard work, blog traffic will increase so it will crowded visitors who come.

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