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30 November 2017



It's become a trend that can not be denied in this world, social media users like faceook, twitter likes to share all the things they see, hear around their personal lives.

Just saw the chicken laying eggs, photographed and directly distributed to social media. What else to eat, how to wait, before the start of the meal there is usually a scene to take photos.

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Anyway, all things will not be missed for the picture taken for selfie entrepreneurs who less work.

Is this the wrong way?

Opinions of some laymen say, this is not wrong because of the demands of the digital era that has increasingly no limits and edges. Though they are not aware of having created a time bomb for their own lives.

Believe me, not everything you can share to social media, because it means inviting danger

What are they ?

1. Details Home address

The good news this point is actually to reinforce our existence, that is not a ghost that is not clear where it's where. The bad news, the address of the house is parsed clearly and in detail will greatly help criminals to find targets. It's okay to put home address in our social media profile page but do not need to be given in great detail.

2. Where  go on vacation

Many people, for a moment just bought a plane ticket directly took photos of the ticket and distribute it to social media. As if telling the world, I am going to travel today.

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This is a bad idea because it positions us as the target of criminals.

It's a good idea to share to social media it's a photo after you return from a journey. It is safer and free from threats of criminal offenders.

3. Photos and Videos of children

It has become a kind of culture among parents to share pictures of their children. More sleeping, eating, playing everything photographed and shared to social media.

What parents do not like their kid's silly photographs get praised comments from social media people. But be aware, that we never know who saw our children's photos or videos in social media.

Maybe from the hundreds of people who see our child's photo or video is a pedophile.

So make sure you always provide protection to children by not giving too much information to the public about their activities at home or outside the home.

Limit only your closest friends and family who can see your family related information

4. House layout design

If my memory is not paralyzed, the design of the house layout is often also distributed to social media. Maybe this time you again build a dream house and want a little thirst for the praise of a friend in social media then share it.

The intent to share it, okay-but it's a big problem if one sees it is a specialist criminal looter plundering in homes.

They will know exactly where to go in and out in your home. Where they have to run hide when it fails to loot.

So try to blueprint your home blueprint do not be divided into social media because it means allowing criminals to enter and you welcome it with open arms.

 5. Copy and paste the status of others

Often become viral in social media a status, photo or video shared by social media users. The small things that really do not have any meaning if distributed in chains will become viral. Though those who share it do not know exactly whether the right or wrong information they have shared.

Sitting his case when that is shared is hoax information that is stocked certain person for a certain purpose and information related to a person's good name, is this not a big problem if prosecuted?

It also looks like you are very stupid and have less nutritious knowledge intake.

So before sharing any information, do a deep research first. If necessary check yourself the truth of the information at the location of the incident

6. Complain about Your big boss

In any organization we often hear complaints against subordinates. As his revenge then the complaint was uploaded to social media.

If it's just about work, it does not matter. But if it's a personal attack, then it means to ignite the fire to be more flared.

Further impact, for those working in private companies, your ass can be kicked out of the office. So think carefully before uploading a complaint to social media.

7. Post Personal Activity Photos
Again eating at a restaurant, drinking a glass of coffee and then distributed to social media when you position as an employee who tied up with working hours.

This impression is mediocre, but it looks like you are not working but have spare time to post personal photos during working hours. Do not share things like that in social media, it can be bad for your career at work

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