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05 November 2016


Most people do believe that the information an internet business is a derivative product, but in fact, information from the employer that has been there for hundreds of years. Striking differences in the two times it was only in the form of information and how to deliver it.

If the current time of product delivery model of business information using electrical channels, especially email. Unlike the previous period were inclined conveying the information only by post.

So what form of product information submitted it?

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The information product is a product that can dikreasikan or made from home. Some examples such as:

  1.  Books
  2.  Manual reports / research
  3.  Courses
  4.  Seminar
  5.  Audio
  6.  Video Tutorial
  7.  Training materials
Advantages of Product Information

It can be seen that in fact everything only in the form of information can bring economic value. There are several advantages if you have a product like that:

# 1. You easily made

For example if the product information in the form of document then the document can be converted into PDF or ebook for sale through your business website.

Likewise about the product in the form of audio or video. There are many online resources that can be used to print, CD and DVD, such as Createspace, Lulu and many more.

Especially now with the era of rapid development of the gadget world, the creation of a video more easily just by using the smartphone you have.

# 2. Market access is easy.

The rapid development of the digital marketing world, the universe has expanded its range of information products market. Because operating costs are used, including a very cheap or even practically nothing when compared to the conventional marketing model.

# 3. Source passive income. Another advantage, ie you just made the product information but can sell it repeatedly (passive income)

Weakness Selling Information Products

As with all these ideas home business, there are some disadvantages to sell information products, namely:

# 1. They can spend. Organizing your ideas and then create a product is obviously going to take time.

# 2.Produk kind of easy to find. This means that in terms of innovation for an information product is very difficult to make. Otherwise shaped the document and the opposite side is definitely shaped audio / video.

How to Start a Business Product Information 

Your knowledge can come from any source, whether it is from the education, work experience, or just a hobby. 

Likewise, when starting a business information products, you will find new knowledge about it. The first step that you need to do is make a list of things that you know of that information. It can be done after you have: 

# 1. Is it feasible business information and get people interested and willing to pay.
In order to ensure the business idea was decent enough, then do a keyword search on search engines related to your business idea. How many people who like to make your business topics. 

# 2. Type your information product to be made.
It is also very strong to do with how you will distribute that product . For example, if you intend to sell on amazon then it's good information products in the form of an ebook.  

However if you plan to sell it yourself through your business website then simply driving consumers in the form of paid to member.
# 3. List of what needs to be included in your information. 
If you are selling business information in the form of a guide, then the sequence information from upstream to downstream should be clear and should not be jumping up and down. This is not to make the people who read it to be confused for mercy. 

# 4. Creating products based on your outline.
The point is this, if you're writing an ebook then all the things you describe are interrelated and sequential. 

Now if you make a video, then the video frames must be interconnected than text or audio in the show. 

A simple example, a video tutorial to make a cloth, but text and audio sound that you appear in the video has nothing to do at all of the video frame appears. 

# 5. Editing of products and materials that you use. 
Consumers certainly want the best product. If the product is an e-book so carefully the words used, the error of the letters, punctuation, sentence composition. 

Did not differ much with product video, zoom should be bright and clear and the audio sound is not noisy. 

# 6. Make a website. 
This section is talking about online marketing, then in the website must be made standalone pages that highlight and explain all the benefits of your information product. 

# 7.Put your contact number.
It lets you stay in touch with the people who buy the product or not. In the future if there is a new product that you offer, the existing prospective customers previously could get the cooperation. 

# 8.Upload your product. 
If you sell directly through your website, then upload your products to your web hosting. 

# 9. Arange payment process or product links. 
If you sell information products through a third party, such as Amazon, all you need to do is insert a link to your product pages that point to on your own website. 

If you sell on the business website, it is necessary to set up the payment process. If the selection of the target consumer is not only Indonesia then provide also process payments through PayPal. besides that it also included the account number of commercial banks in Indonesia. 

Another option is to use the internet method bangking or clickbank, which is now quite popular. 

# 10. Promote your products.
Your last task now is to let the market know about the information products. There are many ways to market information products, some of them like being a guest author, blog walking, share social media. 

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So of all the things that have been mentioned earlier, it can be made a conclusion that the product information offers exceptional flexibility in terms of when and where you work. 

Any potential revenue that can be scooped quite large and promising if you are able to make great business information products. Remarkably well, your income managed taken the manifold passive income, meaning that money working for yourself 

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