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14 June 2011


When I wrote a post on this blog is still in prison google, in other words into the trap sand box search engines. It's enough to dizzy the head to find the right tricks to get out of prison google, and generally trick in the offer of the diverse community of bloggers. Finally, after reading so many articles related to the sandbox then a few steps I have to do is:

  1. Finding out which posts are not indexed google (use crawl error diagnosis webmaster)
  2. Remove url link by using the webmaster
  3. Delete blog url in sitemap and submit back a few days later (4 days)
  4. Make changes to posts that fall into the google sandbox by editing re-writing and increase your inbound links (internal links between the posts)
  5. Create a blog's main page
  6. Ping back on some search engines
  7. Looking for quality backlinks to the point on the main page blog
  8. Create a new post to make a link in the article that included in the sandbox
Those are some tricks that I use to get out of trouble sanbox, hopefully success. For Dear bloggers can learn from some mistakes that I do so it will not go in the sandbox:
  1. Conduct all-out optimization blog like to post excessive and seek a lot of backlinks on blogs that have a high PR
  2. Frequently change the title (title) blogs that previously had been advertised on various advertising services for free
  3. Scripts often tamper with the keyword meta tag
Hopefully the mistakes I did not happen in your blog, what's the point to post but not indexed search engine. Patience is the key to build a blog. 

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