03 June 2011


Al story there is a benefactor who wishes to do good. He has prepared a sum of money which would he give to some people she met. On one occasion he met a man so straight he handed over the money he had to that person.  

The next day word got out that there is someone who has contributed some money to a violent criminal. Hearing KBR is the benefactor just say "Oh my God I have to give money to on a criminal" At other times, he returned to meet with someone, the philanthropist on the same day had been intending to do good.  

He immediately gave some money to these orng. The next day word got out that there is someone who has given money KPD a corruptor.  

This news got the philanthropist just said "Oh my God I have been giving money to corrupt." The philanthropist was not despair, when he met someone he immediately handed over some money that was already prepared. So the next day word got out that there was someone who had given some money to a rich man.  

Hearing this the generous just said. "Oh my God I have been giving money to the criminals, corrupt and a very rich". At first glance we can conclude that the benefactors of this is a "Sloppy" If only he gave the money he had to someone who did not know, but if he was more careful then its good intentions could be channeled more useful to people who really need it. 

But it was a good intention which will surely end well, even so did the "carelessness" the benefactor. Who gave money to the criminals were able to revive him that in this world there are good people, people who care about the environment.  

These criminals repent and use the generous gift of money as business capital. While the koroptor, free money receipt which turned out to touch his conscience that had been covered by greed, he realizes that life is not about how much we can get.  

He was determined to transform itself into a good person, honest and trustworthy officials. Meanwhile, a distinguished gift is received by the wealthy have stripped him, because during the time he was a miser who, never terbesit in him to share with others, to him all things must return, is there. He was embarrassed to the philanthropist who with kesederhananya was still able to share with others. 

My friend, nothing will end up in vain against goodness. Because of the good will end up also with kindness. Life is not about how much we can get, but how much we can give.
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