02 June 2011


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Maybe you sometimes much involved day-to-day business activities whether it be direct or indirect transactions. Obviously you want the advantage in business transactions is relatively small despite its value. 

For that we need to understand specific tips in the transaction if you win a position as a seller or as a buyer. 

The importance of this case in the know to get position at favorable prices, a seller wishes definitely selling prices as high and on the other hand a buyer wants the price as low.  

To reconcile these two different desires bagia heavens and the earth is certainly in need special tricks are: 

  1. Introduction of products When making a transaction you should have the initial information about the products you will sell or you buy, be it shape, its raw materials, function etc.. By knowing with certainty about the product at the time of transaction such matters could be material to are negotiable. From the point of sales in excess suggests that the products have advantages compared to similar products, so of course able to increase the selling price of the goods. As from the standpoint of the buyer to know for example shortage of these products may be material to the vendor offerings in order to lower the selling price in the offer.
  2.  Market Share.Coverage includes the market share of users who most of the products will be traded, which can usually be obtained, as well as any type of similar products are more outstanding. The principle is to master the three information is then a seller would be meminalisir information about these three things that will wake up to the buyer's opinion that this product is available in small amounts and very difficult to be obtained. As a result provide an opportunity for sellers to maintain the selling price. But for a buyer who is able to master the three information will allow to bid against the price in the offer and eventually obtained a deal price.
So quick tricks to negotiate a good, hopefully useful guys.

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