02 June 2011



Maybe you sometimes involved a lot of business activities everyday whether it is a sale and purchase transactions directly or indirectly. Of course you want a profit in the sale and purchase transaction even though it is small value. For that we need to understand our special tips in buying and selling transactions so you can win the transaction.

It is worth knowing that in order to obtain a favorable price position, a seller would want the highest selling price and on the other hand a buyer wants the lowest price. To bring together these two different desires as heaven and earth must be in need of special tricks.

Negotiation Model Steve Jobs

For most people who still stutter the technology, may not know exactly who the steve jobs are.
And maybe the work of a man born in San Francisco United States used every day.

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iTunes and iPhone one of his works are widely circulated in the Indonesian market.
Not only is he famous for his various products, but behind it not many people know Steve Jobs is a great negotiator.

So what is the way negotiations steve Jobs in every transaction buying and selling?

The original version of this steve jobs negotiation can be downloaded through the site http://www.theatlantic.com/business/archive/2013/05/the-steve-jobs-emails-that-show-how-to-win-a-hard -nosed-negotiation / 276136 /

Well for those who do not understand the English language, in short the technique of negotiation steve jobs in transactions such as buying and selling:

1.  Exit Anytime

This technique used steve jobs in the event of negotiations to discuss payment of e-books on Harper Collins. At that time he declared to be out of the negotiations if his terms were rejected.

With a little smugness, Steve Jobs stated that he has many other partners who are ready to work together.

In a negotiated email between Steve Jobs and Murdoch there was a quote from steve jobs that said Apple is the only other company [besides Amazon] currently capable of making a serious impact [with e-books], and we have 4 of the 6 big publishers signed up already,".

What is the purpose he said like that?

Just one, let the impression arise that he has another serious work partner. Predictably, Steve Jobs finally managed to win the negotiations.

2. Bringing authentic proofs

In every negotiation, often Steve Jobs brings evidence such as photographs, supporting document files are no exception counts of numbers.

This purpose is done, in order to appear more convincing when the negotiations take place so as to reduce the various questions.

3. Self-made bidding

One important part of negotiating a sale and purchase transaction is an offer. This part becomes the last number to be done Steve Jobs, meaning the offer will always come first from the opponent.

This technique was used during his talks with James Murdoch even though it was only done through the reply in email.

4. Using Others' Opinion

In one part of Steve Jobs's and James Murdoch's talk emails, there are steve jobs quotes that use the opinions of some publishers though it's not clear who the point is. All the major publishers tell us that Amazon's $ 9.99 price for new releases is eroding the value of the perception of their products in customer's minds,"

This method proved very powerful Murdoch so that the negotiation ended with the victory of Steve Jobs.

Matters of Negotiation of Sale and Purchase Transactions

In this section, the scope of the negotiations has a very wide spectrum, like an unlimited sea altogether. This is the main gateway that must be done when engaged in buying and selling transactions.

If you have a lot of money, just skip this section, maybe you do not need to negotiate. But if the money is just barely enough, it's good this negotiation skills sharpened up.

The critical question is, what are the issues that need to be negotiated?

When engaged in buying and selling transactions, of course the buyer's desire to get the price as cheap as cheap with the quality of goods that are not equivalent to the purchase price.
On the contrary, the seller actually wants the price to be earned as high as possible.

1. Know the product

When making a sale and purchase transactions you should have initial information about the product you will sell or you buy, whether it's shape, raw materials, functions etc.

By knowing for certain about the product then at the time of sale and purchase transactions can be material for the negotiated.

In a position as a salesperson, he can talk at length about the advantages of the advantages of the products he sells.
Especially if it is seasoned with always compared with similar products.

But for the buyer just trying to find weakness of the product. The goal, let me get a bargaining position with the seller so that the selling price may be forced down from the initial price.

2.  Market Share.

At this second point, market share information includes anyone who has used the product, where usually the location of the product was sold and the brand of similar products that have been circulating in the market.

All three information must be known to a seller to ammunition to build buyer opinion that this product is available in small amount and very difficult to get. But for a complete buyer who dominates the science of buying and selling transactions, these three informations are usually already included in the vocabulary of negotiation conversation.

As a result they will strive to bid in the negotiation of sale and purchase transactions.Read also Guidance to Avoid Investment Risks

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