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20 June 2011


how it feels when it was in the space. Well, what if while riding in an airplane we even feel uncomfortable because our ears and head hurt to even taste like heads going to explode? 
Is this situation normal? This situation is called Occlusion Tubal or obstruction in the fallopian tubes in the ears. Tuba eustachius / Eusthacian tube is a channel that starts from the middle ear and ended up behind the base of the nose or throat area. This channel serves to balance the air pressure in the middle ear and outside air pressure. 

If there is pressure difference then this channel will open and allow air into the middle ear so that the pressure to be balanced.
When the pressure difference that can happen? If we want to get on a plane, when the aircraft was about to take off or landing or when the plane up and down in the air, our ears will feel like a full or a dead end or a bit less heard, this is caused due to the pressure difference as before. 

Usually we will immediately respond to swallow so that our hearing became normal again. By swallowing this will cause the tube open and outside air can enter the middle to ear .
In some people with the disorder in Tuba eustachius or longer in people who have the flu / cold will be difficult to balance the pressure (when the aircraft in the air) so that no air can get into the middle ear and middle ear resulted in a vacuum, in circumstances like this channel the tube was going to respond by reducing the middle ear space and attract the surrounding tissue so that the pressure somewhat balanced, and this response that causes tremendous pain as the head going to explode.  

What's the solution?
In particular peoples  with disturbances in the fallopian tubes or the flu again, if you want to get on a plane should use nose drops that serves to open the fallopian tubes, the time before leaving (or can be by oral decongestant drugs / drunk), the way he drops right on the nose and left, having dropped the head should be tilted in the same direction for about 5 minutes, so when that drops right nostril, then the head tilted to the right so that the liquid into the ear. When on the plane over 8 hours, can be repeated in this way and done in the plane.

In order to open a continuous tube, Make swallowed, one simple way is to suck candy, because candy to suck it will come out hard and inevitably we will be swallowed earlier.  

Therefore, before the plane would take off flight attendants will distribute candy, sometimes sweets were distributed by flight attendants considered to be part of the service and immediately cepat2 spent before the plane take off, but ideally before dikulum pelan2 candy during the trip so that we swallow continuously.

Another way is to evaporate, because when we yawn, the air will come out of the ear, so the pressure will be maintained.

Special on children or babies do not need ears covered with cotton (many in this way advise the parents) but enough to be drinking a lot when the aircraft in the air, as by swallowing, the tube will be open continuously. 

Close the ears with cotton is not effective to overcome tubal occlusion in children, this is only useful way to reduce airplane noise. So when a plane carrying a small child and the child started to fuss should be made to drink water or milk, because there is a possibility he had tubal occlusion.

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